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Serve and protect whom? Alarming trends in law enforcement


Battle lines have been drawn, and crossed:

A North Carolina police department supervisor has been disciplined after saying officers confronting demonstrators protesting George Floyd’s death in June were about to “hammer” them.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police sergeant was suspended for two weeks without pay after comments he made during the June 2 protest in which officers deployed tear gas, pepper balls and other chemical agents against largely peaceful demonstrators, The Charlotte Observer reported.

Bolding mine, because police departments are increasingly reversing the "cause & effect" formula in their approach to keeping the peace during protests. They are trying to gain the "upper hand" by using deceptive tactics, like concealing their numbers and then exploding into a "shock and awe" show of force. Which includes preemptive violence to discourage violence, the logic of which is questionable at best. On-the-ground supervisors (like the idiot above) are given more and more discretion so they can "adapt to changing conditions," but in order for that to work well, it requires integrity and intelligence all through the ranks. Which brings us to another (apparently not alarming enough) trend that should have been dealt with 16 years ago:

Confederate racism denial journal

Pay no attention to the redneck behind the curtain:

“We’re not here to promote racism. That’s not what the flag is about..."

“The KKK took the flag and made it racist, and that’s not what it’s from..."

"...the people out here don’t look at it as racist. It’s just our ancestry.”

Yes, an ancestry of buying and selling people like cattle, based on the color of their skin and their ancestry. The journal continues:

If this man was black, he'd be dead now

White privilege just doesn't seem to cover it:

A white Rocky Mount man on probation for aiming his shotgun at black children has been flying dozens of Confederate flags over his compound-like home in the predominantly black Arrington Avenue neighborhood for years.

West was charged in 2010 with assault with a deadly weapon. He was accused of firing a gun during a fight in the street then pointing the weapon at responding police officers. West backed into his fenced yard as more police officers arrived and surrounded the house. After a tense standoff, West surrendered to authorities, according to archived news reports. He eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of discharging a firearm within the city limits.

Bolding mine. If he had been black, they would have gunned him down without blinking an eye. Even if they hadn't, there's no way they would have reduced the charges after arresting him. He's threatened children with a deadly weapon, but kept both his freedom and his guns. And this comment is very telling:

Must-see tv: "Klansville, USA" tonight on PBS

Facing the truth will set you free:

The rise and fall of the KKK in North Carolina in the Sixties is the subject of a new documentary, called Klansville USA, that is airing nationally at 9 pm. on PBS’ The American Experience. The history of the civil rights movement in the state, with the sit-ins at the Woolworth’s in Greensboro, is well known. The white backlash against the freedom movement has largely been swept under the rug.

Which is why Callie Wiser, a noted documentary maker for PBS, took on the subject. A Tennessee native, Wiser was a Morehead scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and now lives in Massachusetts with her husband.

Unfortunately, the "fall" wasn't complete. The Klan still exists in North Carolina, in numbers hard to quantify, and its maybe not-so-distant cousin (the Tea Party) is actually a political force, that has enjoyed mixed successes in their ability to influence politicians and the public policy they determine. It might be hard to watch for many reading this, but it's important. 9:00 p.m.

The ongoing dialogue about Race, or White Supremacy


How the racists of the South have ruled this nation from the very beginning.

White people now whining about reverse racism, whatever that is, should read this article, and the book behind it, Edward E. Baptist in The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism".

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