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Capital Progressive Democrats

Resist and Persist!

Capital Progressive Democrats (CPD) is a new club in Wake County. Yes, there's a Wake County Progressive Democrats club, but they are apparently determined to remain small and insignificant. CPD is going to grow as large as possible, and is going to raise money to help elect progressive candidates. We have bylaws, officers, a P.O. box, a bank account, and we've filed paperwork with the Board of Elections, so we are fully official as a political organization in North Carolina.

Counting on Cary: Gabe Talton for City Council

I learned yesterday that my friend Gabe Talton may be entering the race for Cary Town Council. If true, this is very good news for both Cary and North Carolina.

When I first met Gabe, he had volunteered to represent me and Jane after our arrest at Moral Monday two years ago. He is a creative and effective attorney, with a deep commitment to fairness. He will likely be running against Don Franz, a long-time Republican who recently declared Independent. Franz ran for state house against Jennifer Weiss in 2010.

Christmas in July for Raleigh Developers; Council members in Kane's pocket


Luckily for Raleigh and those who still think Raleigh should be a "livable" community, Jane Porter did a live blog at last night's zoning hearing at Raleigh City Hall. The proposal being addressed was a rezoning that would affect 1/3 of the entire very large city. It would especially impact SE Raleigh, as Olivia Rainey eloquently pointed out to roars of approval from the packed house.

The path forward: A reinvigorated, refocused state party

One of Randy Voller’s last acts as chair was to announce that he would not run for re-election to helm the North Carolina Democratic Party. He must be commended for his announcement as it was a selfless ownership of responsibility for this year’s election and provides the opportunity for the Party to start anew ahead of the 2016 elections. North Carolina Democrats have a lot of work cut out for them, yet I remain optimistic for what lies ahead for our party.

Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

Non partisan race, four candidates:

  • Jose D Frasier
  • Marshal Harvey
  • Matt Overby
  • Jennifer (Jenna) Austin Wadsworth

So far the only thing I've been able to find out about them is that the Republican party chose not to endorse Frasier.

Anyone know of any sources of information or have a reasoned opinion on any of them?


Behind the scenes at the Voter "Integrity" Project

Land sakes. The big wheels at the so-called Voter Integrity Project are acting like a bunch of Thom Tillis losers. They get called out for questionable activities, and respond with cease-and-desist letters to silence their critics.

The main actors in this drama are Denise Stetter and Jay DeLancy, the communications director and executive director for the Voter Integrity Project respectively. It's a complicated story filled with conspiracy, intrigue, and incompetence, but it's well worth your while to dig through the details to see how the right-wing operates.

One thing you'll want to read is Stetter's original cease-and-desist letter. It's a beauty, hand-crafted with hysteria and hyperbole. Nice work, Ms. Stetter!

And then there's this remarkable transcription of a call between DeLancy and Cherie Poucher of the Wake County Board of Elections. Voice mail? Seriously?

The law says that as long as the voter approves and the judge approves that it’s OK, and I just want to be sure you’re OK with that - - but got a judge - - well, I’ll go ahead and tell you, Denise Stetter, she’s the chief judge over at Kiwanis in North Raleigh, near where we both live - - by Millbrook and Millbrook Exchange, I’m not sure what they call that place now - - the Millbrook Exchange Park. But the - - I think, if she had permission from you, I think she would allow it - - I haven’t even - - I just broached it with her - - but I wanted to talk to you also, just to see what you thought. We wanted to get in there and get a few shots of the interior with some people standing in line - - that are our people wearing masks, because we want to make some imagery, that makes the point that without ID you don’t know who’s voting.

And - - we would really like to have those shots and - - so much easier to do it there with all the right equipment you have rather than, than tryin’ stage it somewhere - - you know, with all the equipment we don’t have like the signage and whatnot - - but of course, that would be another way to do it, to - - you know, in the future like after the election, if you would lend us some of the signs to set up a fake polling station, but I’m wondering - - as dead as it’ll be tomorrow, if we could find a dead spot to bring about 6 or 7 people in there standing in line and get some quick imagery of them all standing there with masks on - - you know, and transacting the deal to vote, and so - - I know it’s off the hook - - but, it is technically it’s just imagery, so I’m thinking, you wouldn’t have to go to the County Board or the State Board for this kind of approval, as long as the - - you know, according to what I’ve read in the law as long as the chief judge and the voter himself approves of the photography - - and - - that’s it

I'm not a lawyer and this isn't a legal opinion, but it would be reasonable to conclude that the Voter Integrity Project is nothing but an ideological front for voter suppression, run by a bunch of morons and scammers. To my knowledge.

Best Educated Cities in America

Forbes is reporting that WalletHub has come out with its list of the 10 Most and Least Educated Cities in America, and NC's RTP has something to crow about:

Raleigh, North Carolina, comes in second, with neighbor Durham, North Carolina right behind it in third place. Provo, Utah, and Manchester, New Hampshire, round out the top five.

How long we will remain on the good end of this list could be problematic with all the cuts being made to our education systems and pressure to turn our university system into something less than world class. WalletHub reports:

#4Pizzas and the Wake County Budget

Hi all,

Thanks to BlueNC for continuing to keep the spotlight on state and national issues. But I have a local one for you to think about.

You may know that I am running for Wake County Commission. I hope you've had a chance to see my first ad in my campaign. The theme is "Four Pizzas." You can see the ad below, and more details at 4Pizzas.org. If you like what you see, and you support paying Wake County's teachers a fair salary closer to the national average, please urge your commissioner to support the School Board's budget request.


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