NC Reps on the TPP

Right before the vote, the TransPacific Partnership Treaty (TPP) seems to be picking up steam. The Hill has published a Whip list of House Representatives and where they stand on this issue. I pulled out just the NC Reps so it would be easier for you to see who you need to contact to tell them that Fast Tracking any trade negotiation is un-American---Congress needs to do its job and get into the details of this. And to tell them the TPP is bad for Americans.

The Hill's Whip List: Trade bill picks up momentum

An open letter to Rep. David Price regarding TPP

Dear Representative Price.

I'm not an insider by any stretch, and I certainly don't know all of the provisions of the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal being cooked up by America's corporate interests. But what I do know about the deal is both frightening and dangerous. Not only does the TPP continue the giveaway of special privileges to corporations, it accelerates that trend to the detriment of individual citizens.

Fast Track & Trans Pacific Partnership: Rigged Rules and Sucker Politics

The NC Democratic party is losing the political game, yet some top Democrats would rather be seen as “business friendly” than guard the party's voter base.

Does it matter that a wealthy minority in the US already own most of the political landscape to the exclusion of ordinary citizens, and deepening their pockets only creates more Koch Brothers?

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