Online platforms must be able to police hate speech

Dear editor:
We now know that the insurrection of January 6, 2021 was organized largely online, with loose networks of Trump-inspired radicals hatching a plan to infiltrate the Capitol and harm our representatives, including the Vice President. Yet nearly a year after that incident, Congress still hasn’t figured out how to handle dangerous, conspiratorial speech online.

Republicans playing political games when they should focus on jobs

Last Friday, President Biden wisely revoked a Trump executive order which sought to limit liability protections for online platforms, an order originally signed in retaliation to the former president’s ban from Twitter. While President Biden’s action walks back a needless Trump-era legacy, attempts to seek political retribution against "enemy" technology companies have continued from many Republicans.

Big Tech Hearings Going On NOW

Congress is finally calling the Big Tech CEOs on the carpet to answer important questions about their business practices and whether those might violate antitrust law.

I encourage everyone who can to watch the hearings as they stream live. There are several websites where you can watch it, here is one:

Watch the hearings on the New York Times

Why is this so important? Check out my column from yesterday:

Taking a Look at Big Tech: Amazon Under the Lens of Anti-Trust

CEO’s of the country’s four largest tech companies – Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee tomorrow. Though this hearing is the result of a year-long investigation of competition in the digital marketplace, the opportunity to examine Big Tech practices and monopolies is increasingly pressing as the coronavirus pandemic has further revealed how these companies, especially Amazon, have consolidated power at the expense of small businesses.

ALEC Whistles; NC Officials Show Up

You, too, can scroll through the agenda ALEC has set for its annual meeting late this week in San Diego.

At this web site you can wonder about such things as:

Who is 'exhibiting' and what are they showing??

Is ALEC really interested in 'consumer protection?' Or is the discussion on how to get rid of it?

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