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Rep. Larry Kissell Attaches Expanded "Made in America" Amendment to Stimulus Bill - Video

Rep. Larry Kissell was one of 11 members of Congress who had their amendments to the stimulus bill introduced on the House floor and offered for debate and a vote. In 2007 Kissell's predecessor had introduced a similar bill. He was not able to get it out of committee. In ten years holding the seat, former Rep. Robin Hayes was able to get five bills passed with most introduced to rename post offices in the congressman's district.

Kissell's amendment, if it remains part of the package after the bill makes it through the Senate, will expand the Berry Amendment to require that uniforms purchased by the Department of Homeland Security also be made with fabric and findings manufactured in the United States. The amendment is intended to keep people working and put some textile workers back to work.

For your viewing pleasure....and don't miss the look that Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, R-GA gives Larry after he challenges Rep. Kissell. We must note that Rep. Westmoreland is a member of the Prayer Caucus, a group that has Robin Hayes on the board of advisors.

Kissell Set to Succeed Where Hayes Failed - Update/Video

Rep. Larry Kissell, NC-08 went in front of the rules committee today to try to fulfill promises made to American textile workers by his predecessor, Robin Hayes. With less than three full weeks under his belt, Kissell proposed an amendment to the committee and his amendment is included as part of the stimulus bill. Tomorrow, that amendment will be debated on the House floor.

The amendment would require the Department of Homeland Security purchase uniforms from American textile companies. Hayes tried and failed to get similar legislation through the House. You will find the full amendment here.


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