Senator Elizabeth Dole

Elizabeth Dole

The News and Observers says that Elizabeth Dole is going to spend her break traveling and visiting western North Carolina. Isn't that what most tourists do...go to the North Carolina mountains in the summer? Maybe she should come down here to the sandhills where the temperature is 100 and the humidity is almost as high. We are North Carolina too. By the way, can somebody send her a map?

Chris Matthews and Ann Coulter

Well, Chris Matthews lost me last night. Even tho' he did question Ann Coulter about some of the things she has written and said, he just fawned over her a little too much for me. I got sick of hearing him talk about how brilliant she is. I will have to find something constructive to do during that hour. By the way, that woman who came on after Coulter was supposed to be Elizabeth Dole. Do you think she had on a mask or was it an imposter?

Collection of Quotes from North Carolina Politicians on the SOTU

Collected by WRALhere.
First some of the good:

U.S. G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C.: "Each year, the State of the Union provides the opportunity to reflect on what has been accomplished as well as the challenges ahead. If the country stays its current course, I see American families, seniors and veterans continuing to struggle as they face rising health care costs, skyrocketing heating bills, higher prices at the gas pumps, smaller paychecks and an out-of-control deficit."


U.S. Rep. David Price, D-N.C.: "President Bush had the opportunity this evening for a serious conversation with the American people about the challenges that confront us and how we are to meet them. He chose instead to conduct another 'spin session.' "

Dole Neglecting North Carolina?

This has been all over, so I will only post a brief quote from the Winston-Salem Journal:

According to the Report to the Secretary of the Senate, an expense report issued twice a year that details expenses by Senate offices, Dole made one trip to North Carolina during a six-month period, and Burr traveled home nearly every weekend.

Since Elizabeth Dole's strongest feature thus far as Senator has been ineptitude, maybe we should encourage her to stay away.

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