Republican incompetence

Is Phil Berger trying to kill off NC's film industry?


Cutting off funds and stealing the reserves:

The Senate budget proposal does not include $31 million in new film grant funding that the state House budget has for 2019-20. Any leftover funding amount each fiscal year rolls over into surplus. At last count, there was $65 million in the film grant fund balance.

Berger said during a Tuesday press conference the Senate plans to siphon an unspecified amount of the film grant surplus toward other state funding needs.

This is what happens when you let somebody have absolute power over the process; they pull idiotic moves like this knowing they won't suffer any personal consequences. This would be a bad idea in any annual budget, but considering our biggest competitor (Georgia) just pissed off a bunch of producers with their new abortion law, the timing couldn't be worse:

Science vs fantasy: Coastal development needs to be curtailed

You can't fight Mother Nature:

Now is no longer the time to build more bridges, allow more sandbag seawalls, move the development line forward after beach nourishment or to allow more beachfront houses to be constructed. Now is the time for the state to begin realistic planning for the long haul – to look beyond the 30-year span of sea-level rise that now governs North Carolina coastal management.

McCrory administration's "vetting" of toll road company a farce

Cintra's Texas bankruptcy has been coming for years:

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory defended the state’s vetting of a Spanish company that has been contracted to build and operate toll lanes along I-77. In the wake of the news about the bankruptcy in Texas, McCrory instructed Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson to “review options to reassess Cintra’s business model and current contract.”

McCrory’s directive on Wednesday comes after years of NCDOT defending its deal with Cintra and, more recently, repeated assurances that the firm has a dependable track record.

Bolding mine. Cintra's track record is far from dependable, as is detailed in this article from 2014:

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