NC fails at Women's Health - and it's not just abortion

Restricting access to abortion is not the only way that NC is failing at women's health - diabetes, rising rates of chlamydia, obesity, the impact of poverty, topped off by refusing to expand Medicaid - put NC in the bottom of the country on women's health.

Here's more: http://womenadvancenc.org/5-ways-north-carolina-fails-women-on-health/

Poverty in NC - we promote it, have we no shame?


25% of NC children are in poverty. 40% of minority children are. Read this Policywatch article. Have we no shame? Will the GOP NCGA, bought and brought to us by Governor Art Pope take any actions to ameliorate this. And as it points out, to help the children, you have to help the parents! Like not killing unemployment insurance, like expanding Medicaid.

Odds of Getting By in NC 50%

From Yes! Weekly:

Half of North Carolina families with children don’t earn sufficient income to pay for basic expenses, according to a new report by the Raleigh-based NC Justice Center.

“Failing Jobs, Falling Wages: The 2005 North Carolina Living Income Standard,” authored by John Quinterno and Elizabeth Jordan and released on Dec. 8, found that a majority of North Carolina children, blacks, Hispanics and women — practically every demographic except white males — live in households where income falls short of the cost of living.

“What we’re finding is that families are carrying a heavier burden because childcare and housing costs are increasing,” Legislative Director Sorien Schmidt said. “Median incomes are falling and more families are in poverty.”

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