NCDP precinct meetings

The magic number is five: Precinct organizing begins Monday

Regardless of how top-heavy it may seem, the North Carolina Democratic Party is structured from the ground up. Voting precincts are apportioned by population, and there are several thousand scattered across the state. Your precinct is named (and coded) on your voter registration card, and it can also be found by doing a NCSBE Voter Search (Even if you already know this information, you should periodically do the online search, just to make sure your registration is still active).

As referenced in the title, a precinct must have at least five (5) members to be considered "organized." If you have never taken part, that qualification may seem easily achieved. It is not. It takes communication and coordination, and sometimes desperation, just to get that many folks from each precinct to the organization meeting. And it's not uncommon for several precincts in a county to fall short, leaving a whole lot of Democrats with no (official) vote in how the Party operates. From the NCDP Plan Of Organization:

* Editor's note: BlueNC is not affiliated with the North Carolina Democratic Party or any of its committees or divisions, but many of our readers are, or are strong supporters.

Live in Mecklenburg? Apply to be a Temporary Precinct Chair

Democratic Party organizational meetings for ALL Mecklenburg County precincts will be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. Precinct meetings will be held at the precinct polling location, unless public notice of an alternate location is posted by 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 12th. You can apply to be a temporary precinct Chair, for the purpose of organizing your precinct.

But you have to apply by 5:00 pm tomorrow!

For more information, go to or call (919) 821-2777 and push "0" for the operator.

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