Early Vote Plans

You may want to wait till it's late at night and you can't sleep to read this one. Although it does supply some insight into the people of North Carolina!

As a Democrat, I can’t say enough good things about Josh Malcolm, one of the two Dem reps on the State Board Of Elections.(SBOE)

Luke Eggers exits stage right

But don't expect Republican voter suppression tactics to change much:

Eggers served on the board since the summer of 2013. His first meeting as a local board of elections member featured boos and chants from citizens concerned about voting measures the GOP-majority board adopted. In his resignation letter, Eggers spoke proudly of his time as a board member.

Watauga County Board of Elections Director Matt Snyder said that Anne Marie Yates, chair of the Watauga County GOP, will submit a couple of names for the State Board of Elections to consider as Eggers successor.

Revealing the most absurd political reality in the state of NC. The party in power is also the party in charge of regulating all elections, in every single county in the state. They have the power (and have used it unashamedly) to make voting more difficult for their opponents, and there is no statutory remedy for this jaw-dropping assault on Democracy. When this very thing occurs in South America, Africa, Asia, we shake our heads in consternation over the unfairness and lack of integrity. But when it happens here? "Elections have consequences," or some other self-aggrandizing rationalization.

Another Step Towards School Privatization

Thanks to Lindsay Wagner at NC Policy Watch, I can call your attention to this news in education. Rep. Rob Bryan (R-Mecklenburg) has gutted SB 95 and replaced it with language that will take low performing NC elementary schools, put them into a special Achievement School District (ASD) and turn them over to for-profit charter management companies. The plan is to start with the 5 lowest performing elementary schools, but if this is enacted, I fully expect to see it regularly expanded until all of North Carolina’s traditional public schools have been privatized.

Timeline of the Chase Burns/Paul Foley debacle

Jerry over at Watauga Watch is keeping an eye on this story:

April 19, 2013: Democracy North Carolina files a formal complaint about the Burns contributions with the SBOE, which at that time still has three Democrats and two Republicans sitting on the board. Democracy North Carolina wants to know if the contributions were made using corporate, rather than personal, funds, and was someone other than the contributor directing who received the money?

April 25, 2013: A majority on the SBOE agree that an investigation of Burns is warranted and is therefore set in motion.

April 26, 2013: Newly elected Gov. Pat McCrory replaces every board member on the SBOE to reflect the results of the 2012 elections: three new Republican members and two new Democratic members. Paul Foley is one of the Republicans appointed. The Burns investigation is already underway.

This is actually in the middle of the timeline, but it's a critical juncture: It's the point where it becomes obvious that Governor McCrory is not only watching, but he's also starting to sweat the outcome, and decides to take some action. And Foley's subsequent and apparently obsessive interest in the investigation strongly suggests the "why" he was chosen for the new board:

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