I'm not around much these days, too busy doing nothing of significance, contemplating the world as I see it devolving. I'm just a guy scratching his head and wondering what the hell has happened to our state and our country. It's pretty damn ugly.

My key takeaways aren't earth-shattering, they're the things I think most days. That the human race is over-rated. That whatever trust We the People put in our institutions has been misplaced. That democracy doesn't necessarily win. That reason doesn't often prevail. That people in a position to do something important rarely do.

KKK No Shows at Rally

Reports are that the KKK was a no show at today's announced rally in Pelham, NC, a town in western Caswell County.

Who did show Up?

About 150 or so counter protestors,
a couple of dozen members of the media,
a dozen police officers.

But no one from the Klan. At least, no one dressed in a Klan costume showed up.

It should be noted that NC GOP Chair, Robin Hayes, has joined Democrats in condemning Klan activities, saying:

The headline should say "Mental Health CEO Tries To Defend His Salary at Legislature"

Mental Health CEO Defends His Salary at Legislature.

Take a look at this great story by Rosemary Hoban. Another fine example of Republicans plundering public funds.

Will the General Assembly put a stop to it? Not likely. Somebody's scratching somebody else's back, the public be damned.

About Election Night

My name is J. Denton Adams. Call me Remy. This likely means nothing to most of you. As a matter of background, I am the former production editor for a McClatchy beast called The Insider, a state government newsletter which, in truth, most normal people don’t read. I don’t necessarily count the membership of BlueNC among “most normal people.” Currently, I am an attorney, a very cynical one, who sees a justice system plagued by archaic notions that seldom do anything but prey upon the tired, poor or huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

'Get 'em out!'

Trump's promise to 'remove' the undocumented within 1 hour of being sworn into office would probably require the activation of every police officer, national Guard unit, and all the military. Every plane & bus would have to be commandeered to provide transportation, gas for these vehicles arranged, food, housing and medical attention for both troops and prisoners provided for whatever period of time was actually required to move people around.

Another GOP voter suppression scheme found illegal

Don't worry, though. They'll come up with another illegal scheme next time around.

Summary Judgment is granted to plaintiffs with respect to their claim that S.L. 2015-66 violates Article IV, § 16 of the North Carolina: Constitution in that a retention election is not an “election” for the office of supreme court justice as required by the constitution.

Dear god

Colorado decriminalized pot and has a fortune in new taxes to work with. North Carolina is still trying to make abortion illegal. Is that why the Broncos won? Is that why you like Colorado more?

Jane and I saw this today while biking on Emerald Isle. Offered without comment.

Posted by James Protzman on Monday, February 8, 2016

Obama's smog plan splits black leaders

Keep an ear out

President Barack Obama's aggressive environmental agenda is running into a surprising source of opposition: Black elected leaders.

The administration is slated to tighten the restrictions for ozone, the pollutant that causes smog, by Oct. 1, but some African-American state and local politicians are lining up with business groups to warn that the clampdown would hurt poor communities and manufacturing centers like Gary, Ind., and St. Louis.

American Theocracy

HB 2, allowing Magistrates to opt out of marrying gay couples when they have a strong religious aversion to doing so, just passed its third reading in the House and will be sent to the Governor. Most of us were raised to have a polite aversion to discussing religion in the public realm. We have to get over that. Now.


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