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Gerrymandering needs to end

Our 2020 census numbers are just about in. Time to re-draw the voting maps for the next decade will we still be laboring under the hand of legislators who draw the maps to pick their voters or will we stand up this time and get our voices heard.

We need an independent commission to draw fair districts. Partisan efforts on both sides of the aisle have failed and been struck down by courts for racial and partisan reasons costing the taxpayers each time. Enough gerrymandering.

The value of majority-minority Congressional districts

When arguing about gerrymandering on social media, it never fails that someone will pipe up and declare that boundaries should be radically simplified, and neither race nor political parties be considered. The arguments get even testier when majority-minority districts are discussed. And very often you will see claims that both parties engage in racial gerrymandering to serve their own interests. But in reality, creating and supporting majority-minority districts actually hurts the Democratic Party:

NC's African-American voters made to suffer by county BOE's

Long distance runaround:

Last year, North Carolina's Board of Elections changed the locations of many of its hundreds of Early Voting sites across the state. No one seems to have noticed that those changes added more than a third of a million miles to the distance between black voters' homes and their polling places, while affecting white voters' aggregate distance-to-poll hardly at all.

(Author's note: I was going to include this in my Tuesday Twitter post, but after perusing the data, it became evident it needed better exposure.) We've long suspected there was a concerted effort to disenfranchise certain voting demographics by relocating polling sites, but now we have the data to back that up. It also increases the likelihood (by a factor of ten) there was/is a state-wide conspiracy to make voting more difficult for people of color; you don't get these numbers by accident:

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