Clean up on aisle one

I know more than a few people who have been kicked off of Facebook for sharing dark thoughts. Some for simply wishing out loud that Republican bad actors would drop dead on the spot. I personally was sent to time-out for expressing my hopes that Trump and his whole squad of dipshits and dumbasses would expire from choking on chicken bones.

With every passing day, the damage done by traitorous Republicans to our society worsens. These people have let evil loose in America and we will be generations finding our way forward again.

Nothing to say

I've written and deleted three posts this morning, each trying to express my disappointment and my hope. All three proved too raw and angry to remain posted. I'm going into hiding for awhile. I can't stand the thought of living in a state so fucked up that assholes like Tillis and Cawthorn are respected in any way. See you later.

America's sickness

Many have posted comments decrying the miserable state of our country. I couldn't agree more. The closeness of this election, no matter how it finally ends up, reveals an ugly rage in America that cannot be ignored. This rage seems largely driven by white men who despise liberal elites, even though they don't know what either word means. They want their leaders to hate the people they themselves hate, and Thump has given them permission to do just that. When I think about it, I get sick to my stomach. Maybe I'll have to stop thinking about it?

I woke up this morning

Waking up is never a sure thing for me. My family has a rich history of heart disease and every doctor I've had worries about my cholesterol.

Yesterday I had some kind of medical episode, not sure exactly what. Might have been a TIA or something similar. Might have been a panic attack, dehydration, who knows. My daughter called 911 and an ambulance came out to where we were on I40. I ended up not going to the ER, but am still a bit out of it. Life is short, that's for sure.


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