Medicaid cuts

Trump's assault on the safety net will hit Medicaid first


And the suffering will be beautiful and shiny:

During last year’s fight against efforts in Washington to repeal the Affordable Care Act, poll after poll showed most Americans opposed Medicaid cuts that would turn back the clock on decades of civil rights progress for people with disabilities.

But in 2018 we face a new looming threat: Medicaid work requirements, recently permitted by the Trump administration in three states: Kentucky, Indiana and — just this week — Arkansas. Work requirements like these could cause serious harm to hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities or serious illnesses, costing many of them their Medicaid coverage.

This is (just one more) reason why taking back the Legislature is so crucial. Trump and his GOP enablers (or is it the other way around?) are determined to cleanse the Federal government of entitlement programs, and they've discovered the best way to do that without suffering at the voting booth is to shift that burden down to the states, 2/3 of which are now controlled by the GOP. And the really disgusting part is, Republicans already know people who really need and deserve this coverage will lose it, but they don't care:

The Republican two-step: Same dance, different music

The Gutting of Medicaid

Robert started our week with his piece on Medicaid. I thought I would include my take on it to start our weekend.

A program essential to the health, even the survival of many of our most vulnerable citizens has been targeted for massive cuts by the Bush administration and the Republicans in congress. The poor, the elderly and disabled children will be particularly affected by these cuts and in many states are in a more tenuous situation than ever before. These groups may fare a bit better in North Carolina than in other states, but the possibility of a negative impact looms in the future.

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