Cities and counties on HB2

With the flurry of news stories on HB2, I'm creating this blog post to keep track of cities, towns, and counties that have come out for and against HB2. Many of these pop up in individual news stories that come and go, but I think it would be helpful to see a full list.

You might refer to it as you're making plans for spending your in-state tourism dollars over the next few months.

Opposing HB2

Asheville City Council

Artists and Musicians Standing Against HB2

I'm trying to round up an ongoing list of artists and musicians that have taken a public stand against HB2. I'll try to keep this updated as they pop up. Feel free to mention any in the comments that I missed.

Bands and Musicians

Stand Against HB2 - Several bands
Haw River Ballroom Fundraiser for Equality NC (May 15th)

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