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How Mitch McConnell Could Lose GOP State Races for Decades to Come

While we mourn the passing of the remarkable and accomplished Ruth Bader Ginsberg, we - and the GOP - have to face some political realities about an opening on the Supreme Court. Mitch McConnell announced his intention to push through a Trump SCOTUS nominee barely an hour after Ginsberg death hit the news, slapping everyone in the face with the callousness that the GOP has become.

But, Mitch, you should be careful what you ask for.

Historic SCOTUS ruling: LGBT employment discrimination illegal

The Supreme Court has ruled this morning that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation violates the Civil Rights Act.

The decision said Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which makes it illegal for employers to discriminate because of a person’s sex, among other factors, also covers sexual orientation. It upheld rulings from lower courts that said sexual orientation discrimination was a form of sex discrimination.

Bigotry and hyperbole on parade over LGBT ordinance

NC once again makes national news headlines:

Opponents dubbed it "the bathroom bill." The evangelist Franklin Graham, a North Carolina native, had called the law "wicked" and "filthy" and said it "would allow pedophiles, perverts and predators into women's bathrooms." North Carolina's speaker of the House on Tuesday called it "a major public safety issue."

"I think it's just inappropriate," Republican Sen. David Curtis, who represents a district outside Charlotte, told the Lincoln Times-News. "We have rules in our society and that's just one of the rules in our society. This liberal group is trying to redefine everything about our society. Gender and marriage — just the whole liberal agenda."

If there are any "rules" in a society, they play a distant second fiddle to the laws that are enacted via the democratic process. If anybody should know this, it's somebody who ran for and was elected to the NC Senate, for God's sake. I was going to post a link so you could donate to Curtis' Democratic opponent in November, but he doesn't have one. Grrr.

Picking apart the Heritage Foundation's defense of Kim Davis

No stop lights or signs at the intersection of Church and State:

The first thing to acknowledge, however, is that Ms. Davis didn’t cause this problem. The Supreme Court did. When the court ruled in June that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, it redefined marriage for the nation, in a way that I and many others do not believe was constitutionally justified. And it redefined Ms. Davis’s job.

Because each marriage license issued by the clerk’s office bore her name and title, Ms. Davis concluded that her religious beliefs meant she could not have her office issue licenses to same-sex couples. So she had the office stop issuing them entirely.

The Supreme Court did *not* redefine her job, it clarified it. Making it clear that she did not have the right to discriminate against those citizens of which she did not approve. And the fact her name and title appear on the legal document does not mean that gives her powers she had not been granted by voters or the state. And considering she previously issued licenses for divorcees, non-Christians, and other couples whose marriages, according to the Bible, should not be sanctified, means she is using her own discretion about who to refuse and who to allow, not the Bible's teachings. Which is also the very thing the Founding Fathers feared would happen if religion injected itself into our government. More twisting from the masters of such:

To BergerMoore, determining the rights of individuals is a game to play

Duck, duck, goose:

The House met five times with an override on the calendar – but did not take it up. On June 4, five lawmakers were absent, but Moore didn’t call for a vote. On June 9, a different five were away. Again, no vote. And so on. On Thursday, in a span of less than 10 minutes, Moore brought up the override; watched as Republicans cut off debate with a procedural move; and then locked the vote in.

Moore said the override “reaffirms the support ... to protect the conscience of magistrates in performing these duties while at the same time ensuring that marriage services are available.”

The only thing it "reaffirms" is the growing hesitation and doubt lawmakers have over the morality of allowing government officials to pick and choose which citizens to help based on religion. It also "reaffirms" the GOP needs to be watched like a hawk to keep them from relegating other citizens to "second class" status.

Tale as old as time

There is something profoundly disturbing taking place in the town halls, government centers and places of worship in our state. In spite of being one of the most intellectually aware and spiritually in-tune states in the union a spirit of fear has taken hold of many who normally would be rational. A “mob” mentality has taken over where common sense once prevailed. If you listen closely to the words being echoed in government chambers and spoken from the pulpits of some North Carolina churches the tune being whistled is not “My Country Tis of Thee” or “Amazing grace”, but “Kill the Beast”.

Could Democrats scuttle Charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance?

The forecast for equality is overcast with unjustified fear and loathing:

The most contentious provision would allow transgendered people to use the bathroom in which they feel most comfortable. That’s been the focus of radio ads and thousands of phone messages paid for by opponents. In them, they’ve charged that allowing biological males to use women’s bathrooms could endanger women and children.

Democrat David Howard, who voted to put the issue on the agenda, said he’s trying to find a compromise. He’s heard from both sides – including his wife and daughters, who have raised concerns.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but a big part of being a father is protecting your family from misinformation. The odds of them even coming into contact with a transgender person in a public restroom are infinitesimally small in the first place, much less one who would even contemplate "endangering" them. You'll win the Lottery twice before that happens. Howard isn't the only Democrat flirting with the wrong side on this issue:

Love won, hate zero

New Study Shows That Tolerance is a North Carolina Value

you be surprised to learn that
North Carolinians
believe in fairness
and equality?

shouldn't be. A new study released today by the Common Sense Foundation
shows that

North Carolina

residents believe
that gay, lesbian, and transgender people deserve equal treatment under the
law. Click here
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The Common Sense Foundation

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