Kay Hagan

The lamest of ducks: Kay Hagan

No surprise, but still. So disappointing.

Ten Democrats have joined Landrieu in co-sponsoring the legislation approving the pipeline: Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Kay Hagan (N.C.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Mark Pryor (Ark.), Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Jon Tester (Mont.), Mark Warner (Va.), Mark Begich (Alaska), Joe Donnelly (Ind.) and John Walsh (Mont.).

Always a corporatist.

Where was Kay? And her campaign staff? Not at SEC

Where was Kay Hagan and her staff at the SEC Saturday to thank Democrats for supporting her in her campaign? Well, no where to be seen or heard. Come on Senator Hagan, you could have spared two hours for a ride to Pittsboro to simply get on the podium and tell your supporters thanks. You might even have sent a recording or a letter - but, no the sound of one hand clapping. Think you might need the "little people", the voters again? Now is the time to build bridges.

And by the way, quit the Thirdway.

Hanging that hat on the wrong peg

People in the business of candidates and elections often think that outcomes hinge on the few months in which a campaign unfolds. That leads to this kind of analysis by Thomas Mills, which makes sense as far as it goes. But in my view, it doesn't nearly go far enough. To argue that Kay Hagan should or shouldn't have distanced herself from Obama , or that she should have done this or that during her campaign, is to miss the larger question: What did Kay Hagan do during her nearly six years in office?

To Barack or not to Barack, that is the hindsight question

And the answer is not as obvious as many believe:

No doubt, Obama’s presence here would’ve energized some Hagan opponents, but it would also have propelled her constituents to the polls. As it was, lots of voters know a “dis” when they see one, and it was crystal clear that the president, after six years of being disrespected by Republicans, was now being disrespected by a Democratic incumbent who – despite owing her election to his coattails – was now treating him like a snaggle-toothed, bald-headed stepchild with tetter or ringworm.

Bolding mine. I know a lot of you are annoyed with Kay for her "not too far left, not too far right" declaration and apparent avoidance of the President, but rewriting history will not help us understand what happened Tuesday. Kay Hagan received 102,571 more votes than Obama did in 2008. That doesn't mean she was right to avoid the President in this election, but it does show she didn't "ride Obama's coattails" into office. Here's another take:

How did running away from Obama work for ya? Kay?

Just how did running away from Obama work for ya, Kay? And the rest of the Senatorial candidates who did so?

And just how well did taking the coordinated campaign from NCDP work out for you and your friends? Well, sure divided the party long term. Wonder if the small "d" democrats will be allowed some minuscule part in the NC Democratic Party, or will the Hunt faction continue to attempt to "take over" for the big money Democrats and the Clintonistas, currently sharpening their harpies claws in their roosts around the Raleigh and Charlotte beltways.

National Organzation for Marriage drops $100K for Tillis

Why would Thom Tillis would spend state funds defending NC's Amendment One after Supreme Court rulings struck down the law as unconstitutional? Why would Tillis spend those funds to hire a flunkie from the National Organization for Marriage to file briefs on the case?

Was it just pandering for extremist evangelical votes?

If Not, When?

A lot of women were disappointed by Hillary's lost last year. I was just as disappointed, even though I'm not a woman. So if a woman couldn't do it last year, when will it happen and who will it be?

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