Non-Profit Groups Fund Flights for Family Reunifications

From RAICES,, and Families Belong Together:

Thousands of immigrant children and parents separated by the Trump Administration will be reunified as three leading immigrant rights groups announced a major new multi-million dollar funding commitment to pay for “Flights for Families” torn apart by the immoral family separation policy.

NC Council of Churches sanctuary program

Our churches are stepping forward where our representatives are not. Please read the op-ed below. How is it a good thing when folks (undocumented or not) are scared to interact with police or public safety officials?

When President Trump took office, he signed an executive order drastically expanding who the federal government considered a priority for deportation. Since then immigrant families across the nation have experienced heartache — “What will happen to my family?” “How will I survive in a country I’ve never known?”

A Republican breakthrough on immigration?

I've read that this discharge petition could have the requisite signatures as early as this week. Hard to believe, but I appreciate the efforts of these moderate Republicans to force their colleagues to deal with DACA. This Charlotte Observer editorial sums up the effort nicely.

A Republican breakthrough on immigration?
Moderate Republicans, who’ve been in position to break gridlock in Washington on several key issues the past several years, are beginning to finally use that power on one of the most vexing problems facing the country: immigration. If they follow through on their plan, all of us will be better off and a little sanity will have returned to the political process.

Immigration and Andy Griffith

With all that's going on in DC it seems the immigration debate is being overlooked. Here is great Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer op-ed from Representative Michael Wray (Northampton and Halifax counties) about what Congress should do with immigration, using a story from NC's own Andy Griffith Show. What better way to talk about this contentious topic than with Andy Griffith?

Immigration & Andy Griffith
By Representative Michael Wray

When it comes to immigration, federal lawmakers should ask themselves: what would Andy Griffith do?

An NC Dreamer longs for a release from immigration limbo

Will there be a short-term DACA fix included in this upcoming government spending bill? Whether there is or not, it is past time to give Dreamers certainty beyond short-term fixes! Take a look at this News & Observer article below.

An NC Dreamer longs for a release from immigration limbo

Area Dreamer Wants Congress to Act

The op-ed below was recently sent to me and I thought I'd share it. It is especially noteworthy with DACA and immigration in the news. I urge you to give it a read.

In May I will graduate from the University of Mount Olive. Like most soon-to-be graduates, I am looking forward to graduation with mixed emotions; pride in this accomplishment — I am the first member of my family to attend college — but anxiety about what the future holds.

'Get 'em out!'

Trump's promise to 'remove' the undocumented within 1 hour of being sworn into office would probably require the activation of every police officer, national Guard unit, and all the military. Every plane & bus would have to be commandeered to provide transportation, gas for these vehicles arranged, food, housing and medical attention for both troops and prisoners provided for whatever period of time was actually required to move people around.

Wealthy foreign investors buying path to citizenship

Special rules for special people:

The little-known federal program that provides visas to wealthy foreign investors is perfectly legal, and experts say interest in such visas is surging. The government issues foreigners 10,000 such visas a year, in return for their investments in U.S. projects.

The visas secure permanent residency for the foreign investors and a path to citizenship for them, their spouses and minor children.

Of course, we're not wise enough to recognize the "sweat equity" investments that undocumented workers provide to our economy, even when browsing selections in the produce aisle. That would require way too much thinking. And it might upset the delicate balance of hate and fear with which we've grown so comfortable. Nope, as long as we stick with money as a gauge for worth in society, things are much easier to understand.


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