With the heat of a thousand suns

Never before in my life have I hated, loathed, and wanted to punish an individual and a group of people as much as I do now. By any measure, thousands of Americans are being murdered...murdered...every day by Trump and his GOP sycophants. Their insatiable greed for more money, more power, and oblivion to anyone but themselves, coupled with negligence and cruelty has gotten us to where we are. I'm tired of asking...begging...for people to be treated decently and humanely and with justice and equity regardless of their color, gender, national origin, etc.

Why the legislature won't kill the education lottery

Back in the day, conservative leaders rightly took Democrats to task when they pushed through the NC Education Lottery. Ignoring progressive voices, the lottery became a major, if unreliable, source for funding public schools. It's been a blight on North Carolina ever since. Four years ago, I wondered out loud what Republicans if Republicans would kill the lottery given their control of the General Assembly.

Open Letter to sponsors of HB147

Recently, three GOP assemblymen have concocted HB147, which proposes--among other things--a constitutional amendment that would give voters a chance to repeal Article I, Section 4 of the North Carolina Constitution. Article I, Section 4 prohibits NC from seceding from the USA. The assemblymen are Michael Speciale of New Bern, George Cleveland of Jacksonville, and Larry Pittman of Concord.

This is an open letter to these assemblymen, raising questions about HB147.

Dear Assemblymen Speciale, Cleveland, and Pittman:


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