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NC GOP hypocrisy on Eminent Domain

When government does it it's bad, but private corporations? That's "beneficial.":

The measure would place a constitutional amendment on the 2022 general election ballot for North Carolina voters to change the language to prohibit the taking of private property by eminent domain "except for a public use." It still would allow utility and other service companies to acquire property to connect services for customers.

"We found through the explicit experience of other people, some here in North Carolina, that for benefit can mean a lot of things in the courtroom," Riddell said.

The absolute last person who should be promoting this is Dennis Riddell. Literally dozens of his own constituents are battling with Mountain Valley Pipeline (Southgate) to keep from having their property stolen from them. It's not local government that's threatening them, it's a private, for-profit company. And of course Pope's Puppets are fully on-board with this:

Big Oil's stealth crusade against Obama's vehicle emissions standards

Let the world burn, as long as the profit margins increase:

When the Trump administration laid out a plan this year that would eventually allow cars to emit more pollution, automakers, the obvious winners from the proposal, balked. The changes, they said, went too far even for them. But it turns out that there was a hidden beneficiary of the plan that was pushing for the changes all along: the nation’s oil industry.

In Congress, on Facebook and in statehouses nationwide, Marathon Petroleum, the country’s largest refiner, worked with powerful oil-industry groups and a conservative policy network financed by the billionaire industrialist Charles G. Koch to run a stealth campaign to roll back car emissions standards, a New York Times investigation has found.

After following these astro-turf organizations and pseudo-scientific industry stink-tanks for so long, this comes as zero surprise. But the sheer ignorance of the Trump administration acquiescing to this campaign, while climate change catastrophes are occurring on a seemingly monthly basis, is still hard to swallow. The irresponsibility is bad enough, but the industry's use of racism against Obama to drive public opinion is nothing less than infuriating:

Pope's Civitas actively obstructing Amazon wind farm

Using the very same tactics they complain about:

The decision by Judge Lassiter of the N.C. Office of Administrative Hearings to keep the case alive means it will head for a contested case hearing, which is the OAH equivalent of a trial, said Elliot Engstrom, a lawyer for the conservative Civitas Institute, which is representing the Perquimans couple.

Iberdrola has said it needs to complete the project next year to qualify for a federal tax credit that will reduce the cost of the project by 30 percent. The credit expires at the end of 2016.

Hypocrisy, you have a whole new standard to meet. For years, the folks at JLF and Civitas have complained how over-regulation by government has delayed industrial construction and land development, costing money and souring economic growth in our state. And that's exactly what they're engaging in with this wind project. Their goal isn't to expose a danger and "make sure it's done right," and it isn't really an effort to have an authority stop the project, either. They just want to delay it long enough for the Federal credits to sunset so the project will die on its own. There are many colorful ways to describe the character of someone who would deploy these tactics, but I'll just leave it at "beneath contempt" for now.

Tainted media alert: RealClearPolitics partners with coal industry

Fresh from BlueNC's inbox:

Washington, D.C. – RealClearPolitics announced today its "Powering the Road to 2016" presidential candidate forums in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Sponsored by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), the discussions will provide presidential candidates an opportunity to outline their energy policies and priorities to primary voters across the country.

The "Powering the Road to 2016" policy discussions, previously held in Denver, Co are turning toward pivotal primary states at a time when important energy issues are being debated on the campaign trail. The events will allow candidates to make remarks to voters and take questions. The events will include 200-250 state and local elected officials, politically engaged voters, media, local policy makers, business leaders, decision makers and academia.

While their bent will come as no surprise to many reading this, I have seen an increase in (Progressive) folks who have linked to some of their polls or articles, especially on Facebook. Please don't do that here. We welcome many points of view, but "clean coal" is such a laughable contradiction it might just break the Internet. You don't want to be responsible for that, do you? I didn't think so.

Art Pope's crusade against Eastern NC wind farm

Sure to earn him kudos at the next Koch Brothers retreat:

Jillanne Gigi Badawi and her husband Stephen Owens, residents of Perquimans County, are asking the N.C. Office of Administrative Hearings to force state regulators to subject the Amazon wind project to a new regulatory review. The couple is being aided by the Civitas Institute, a conservative think tank that has criticized renewable energy as a costly boondoggle.

Iberdrola has secured about a dozen permits, approvals and certificates for the wind farm. They include the N.C. Utilities Commission, state erosion-control and storm-water permits, county conditional use permits, and approval from the Department of Defense Siting Clearinghouse.

Talk about hypocrisy. Renewable energy apparently has the dubious honor of being the only business sector that faux-Libertarians in JLF and Civitas believe is not regulated enough. Maybe the puppets need another lecture from el Presidente John Hood:

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