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NYT is all-in for Deborah Ross

Do-nothing Burr's days just might be numbered:

The contrast between the two candidates could not be sharper. Mr. Burr is a quiet party wheel horse whose career in the House and the Senate has been supported by significant campaign donations from the fossil fuel and nuclear energy industries. He was appointed to Donald Trump’s national security advisory panel, but, like many Republican incumbents, he has been hemming and hawing about Mr. Trump’s demoralizing candidacy. “I take him at his word,” the senator said rather meekly after Mr. Trump denied that he had ever committed the sexual assaults on women that he bragged about in the “Access Hollywood” tape. Mr. Burr has been trying to convince voters that Hillary Clinton’s “lack of judgment” is worse than Mr. Trump’s.

I'm tempted to rephrase the above description to a "horse's ass," but Burr really has followed Liddy Dole's footsteps as a fundraising machine for the GOP. He has (at last count) twelve different campaign accounts registered with the FEC, which goes a long way in explaining why so much money comes his way during elections. Not just because he's a reliable "No" vote on so many needed government regulations, but also (maybe more important to them) because he has laid the infrastructure for corporate domination in Washington. He's the money man, and they can't grease the wheels without him. Representing the people? There's no time for that, because the money must flow.

Burr has earned his defeat

Richard Burr is best known for pushing bad security legislation. It has earned him widespread contempt because it would expose us all to harm without making anyone safer.

That record argues against his re-election to the U.S. Senate, and he is losing. His desperation is evident in his ads smearing his opponent, Deborah Ross.

Ross is gaining ground and though Burr may still be leading (poll results vary), not for long.

Hurricane Floyd rips into Burr campaign

Okay, he's more of a gentle Spring shower, but still:

There’s a saying: Never wrestle a pig. You get dirty, and the pig likes it. U.S. Sen. Richard Burr is a case in point. Burr’s campaign and his Super-PAC allies are flooding the TV airwaves with dishonest ads that try to dupe voters into believing that opponent Deborah Ross opposed the state’s sex-offender registry. There’s no twisting of words that would make this true.

In his previous campaigns and in Washington, Burr regularly distorts the truth for partisan advantage. He’s taking his cue from Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a notoriously dirty campaigner and fellow champion for plutocracy. Burr has a lot of nerve in using this page of the mudslinging campaign playbook. He’s voted against funding for the federal sex-offender registry.

Welp, when you piss off Floyd McKissick, you've done something.

Ross campaign ahead of the fundraising curve

Playing in the Big League (but not bigly):

As the Senate contest in North Carolina tightened in recent weeks, Democratic challenger Deborah Ross raked in an impressive third-quarter fundraising haul of nearly $4.3 million, her campaign told BuzzFeed News Sunday.

With Democrats’ hopes of picking up seats in Ohio and Florida now fading, the party is looking to Ross’ race against GOP Sen. Richard Burr in mapping heir path to the majority in the Senate. Real Clear Politics’ polling average of six recent polls shows Ross up by one.

It's also pretty telling that the Burr campaign has chosen to go negative a month before the election, something incumbents usually reserve for the last few days. It smacks of desperation, and will (probably) end up giving her a point or two in the process. But Burr has a lot of powerful friends, who want to keep him in that seat:

Ross blasts Burr over voting record, policy positions

Poking where it hurts:

Ross said her campaign has focused on economic security from the beginning, meaning protecting and stabilizing Medicare and Social Security. She said Burr has voted to allow cuts to Social Security and wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program.

“You know what that means — less money that goes to the individual recipient and more money that goes to insurance companies,” Ross said. She said she has been all over the state and has not talked to anybody who thinks that turning Medicare into a voucher program is a good idea.

This is exactly the right approach to erode Burr's Teflon coating: Exposing his attacks on Social Security and Medicare to all those 60+ voters who turn out in droves to support Republicans. If the GOP was able to get everything they want in Washington, those retired people would be hung out to dry in short order. But instead of debating Ross on policy, the Burr campaign is relying on ad hominem rhetoric:

Weekend assignment

It's been a long 20 years since Richard Burr first went to Congress, but his last ten years in the Senate have been especially disheartening. With a long list of nothing to claim as accomplishment, Burr has been a disappointment through and through. National security. Healthcare. Inequality. You name it, Richard Burr has toed the Republican party line every step of the way.

It's official: Deborah Ross is running for US Senate

Dick Burr may actually be in trouble this time:

"We all want a government that puts people first," Ross said in a three-minute campaign video. "I don't have every answer, and I won't promise to make all problems immediately disappear. But what I do have is a strong faith in America's promise to make people's lives better."

"Many of the politicians in Washington have made a mess. They play political games while families face real challenges," she said. "These challenges aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s going to take leaders who won’t shy away just because it is hard," she said. "We need a government that puts people first."

I generally abhor the idea of going negative in campaigns, but Richard Burr has slouched back to DC numerous times because his opponents thought they could win without seriously attacking him. So a couple of decades of dis-service to North Carolinians in general and veterans in particular have gone unchallenged, and most voters are simply unaware of his behavior. And because of that, he keeps winning.

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