Correspondence to elected representatives

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the 109th Congress*

You may want to click the "permalink" below and bookmark this entry. The Washington Post has started a US Congress Votes Database that anyone can access. There's a page for each member containing a list of their votes (alongside the Democrat and Republican positions), and an RSS feed for each member so that you can find out quickly each time that person votes. (Find out more about RSS feeds.)

To save you some trouble, I compiled the links for each of North Carolina's members below. Clicking the name gets you to the member's page, while "RSS" links to the feed. (Here are some maps in case you're not sure which district you're in.) These feeds won't do anything to help you write more persuasively to your representatives, but they will make sure that your emails of praise/derision are the very first they see! (Thanks to beSpacific for the link.)

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