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How I got here

I was going to change everything to my real name, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Everybody knows it's Nancy Miller Martin anyway...lovex7 can go bye bye. Also everybody knows that my brother is former Congressman Brad Miller. He and I were blogging here at the same time. I just looked it up and I have been a member for more than 8 years and Brad for longer than that.. Boy, am I behind.

Miller Googles Google

Most of us have used Google Maps, either to find out how to get from point "A" to point "B", or just to take a look at a place we've never been. It seems that some how, the post-Katrina satellite pictures of New Orleans have been replaced with pre-Katrina pictures.

Brad Miller,NC-13, chair of the sub-committee on investigations for the House Committee for Science and Techology wants to know why.

"Google's use of old imagery appears to be doing the victims of Hurricane Katrina a great injustice by airbrushing history," subcommittee chairman Brad Miller, D-North Carolina, wrote in a letter to Schmidt.(chair and CEO of Google, Inc.)

Vermin's partner-Straight from the NC Bar website-Love it.

The law license of Nathaniel K. pendley , who practices in Forsyth County, was suspended for two years and the suspension was stayed for two years pursuant to a DHC order entered after trial on November 18, 2005. The commission found that pendley did not timely file responses to a State Bar letter of notice and notice of fee dispute petition and that he failed to promptly return a client's file. pendley must obtain an examination by an approved psychiatrist within three months and follow whatever treatment recommendations are made.

Fox News

I received an emergency call tonight to quickly turn on Fox News. We never watch that channel, but they had received a call from out of state. Can you believe that they actually bashed Vermin's latest ad on Fox News. This has to be a first. They even pointed out the fact that Brad Miller didn't vote against body armor for the soldiers. He didn't vote at all. He was on his way to Iraq.

Robert P.

I saw this on the internet last night under "Brad Miller News". Now about three different people have entered it there. I watched it one time and almost got sick. I don't need to watch it again. It is all over the net now. This has to be the most vile ad I have ever seen. I can't believe that cable would even air it.

Larry Kissell, NC-08: The Politics of Barbecue

If you're from North Carolina you are familiar with the tradition of mixing politicking with barbecue. What could be more natural since North Carolina is known for its barbecue? Saturday, Larry Kissell, candidate for the U.S. House in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District held a fundraiser featuring barbecue from the Murphy House and sauces from eateries around the district. Close to 250 people showed to enjoy the politics, the barbecue and the band.

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