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Fascism Watch: Assaulted in a kindergarten classroom

Because choking little children will Make America Great Again:

In a three page complaint submitted to the State Board of Education and the Charlotte Mecklenburg school board, the David Cox Road Elementary teacher reportedly forced the child to carry a heavy backpack with a large textbook and headphones, causing him significant back pain.

The complaint claims the teacher also called the child “bad Muslim boy” on multiple occasions, and allowed his classmates to tease and mock him. On November 16, the complaint alleges the abuse turned physical when the teacher grabbed the kindergarten student by the neck and began choking him. "Another teacher then separated the two and began consoling the student, who was crying and extremely shaken," the complaint said.

Bolding mine, and before you say, "Hold on, Steve, let's wait and see what the investigation turns up," I fully expect that "investigation" will end up like this one:

Conflicting stories of 7 year-old Muslim boy beaten on Cary school bus

Here's what the father says happened:

The parents of the first grader said he was beaten by five students on a school bus, allegedly while they made references to Muslims and the boy’s Pakistani heritage. Abdul Usmani’s father, Dr. Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani, told BuzzFeed News that his wife and three sons have left the US for Pakistan after this latest incident in a long history of discrimination towards his children and family.

“These are six and seven year old kids calling him names, with one kid punching him in the face, while two other kids attacked him, kicked him, and held his arms back,” Usmani said of his son. He described his son “as American as you can get.” “They keep beating him all the way from school to home on the bus,” Usmani said of the ride home from Weatherstone Elementary School in Cary, North Carolina, last Friday.

Before you assume this dad is blowing things out of proportion, read his bio. He's done a lot of work on anti-terrorism data modeling, including trying to reduce casualties from suicide bombings. But the strangest part of this story is how I found out about it. A Facebook friend from another state posted this, so then I tried to find local coverage, and this is all I could find:

Duke University threatened by terrorists, cancels religious ceremony

Appeasement of extremists will simply encourage more tyrannical behavior:

DURHAM, N.C. — Duke University has canceled plans for Muslim students to sound the traditional call to prayer from the school’s iconic chapel tower amid threats of violence and a backlash from anti-Muslim groups, conservatives and Christian leaders. “The vehemence of the reaction from a number of quarters created concerns about security,” Mr. Schoenfeld said, though he declined to discuss specific threats.

The evangelist Franklin Graham called on Duke donors and alumni to withhold support until “this policy is reversed.”

“To use that bell tower as a minaret, to call on the god of Islam,” Mr. Graham told a television station in Charlotte, N.C., “we as Christians are being marginalized.”

It's the same God, you f**king idiot. And for those of you who still think using the tower to broadcast the muezzin is inappropriate, guess what? It's a BELL TOWER. It's designed to allow the bells to be heard by the faithful, so they will know when it's time for mass, prayer, or a fricking pot-luck dinner. I have heard the call to prayer in a few different Middle-Eastern cities, and it's beautiful, if a sound can be described as beautiful. And the sheer hypocrisy of people threatening violence to silence such is mind-bending.


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