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Counting for Kissell

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there about just how the numbers are falling in NC-08. It all started when a precinct or machine was double counted in the wee hours Wednesday morning. It looked like Larry had picked up 122 votes. As it stands Hayes has 465 votes more than Larry.

There are almost 1500 provisional votes that have been cast, but I'm not sure if they've been validated yet. If so, Larry would need a little over 65% of them or 977 votes to win by one vote. Provisional votes will not be counted or added to the total until November 17.

The vote will be certified on November 28 and a recount can only be requested after the vote is certified. A recount can be requested if the difference in vote totals is less than 1% of the total votes cast. I can't imagine a scenario given these facts where this race will not face a recount.

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Larry Kissell, NC-08: A Man of the People (Update)

I am bumping this to the front page. Some things simply don't need to be rewritten. There aren't enough superlatives in the English language for me to describe Larry and his campaign and the wonderful people I met in Biscoe while covering this event.

Most of you have heard about Larry Kissell's ingenius idea to sell gas at $1.22/gallon in RANT's great diary from yesterday. The results are in and it was an overwhelming success for many reasons. Yes, over 500 people were served. Yes, the news coverage has been terrific. Yes, the many different points represented by this gesture seem to all have been made quite successfully.

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New Elon Poll is Out - Larry Kissell's lead is Confirmed! UPDATED

Don't pop open the champagne yet, but you might want to put some on ice. Use this poll as motivation to get out there and convince those undecideds that they need to vote for an honest man, an humble man. They need and want to vote for Larry Kissell.

The Elon University Poll, as reported by Dr. Hunter Bacot - yes, the same man who previously said this district wasn't in play and wasn't even on their radar (heh, heh, gloat, gloat) basically confirms the poll numbers release a couple of days ago by RT Strategies.

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Republicans for Larry Kissell

I'd like for all of us to take a moment to think about a phenomenon going on in the 8th District. It's illustrated by this photograph posted to the right. If you look closely, you'll notice that along with the two Kissell signs on the truck is the trademark oval "W" sticker proudly displayed by supporters of President Bush.

Yes, there are Republicans supporting Larry Kissell.

No, they haven't "seen the light". They aren't giving up their conservative ideology. They do not want to stand under the big tent. The "End Times" have not arrived. Hell has not frozen over.

The fact is there are many conservatives who believe that character counts. They see in Larry Kissell the same qualities we see. They like them as much as we do.

Larry Kissell, NC-08: Boots Still on the Ground

Lest you think I do nothing but pick on poor newspaper reporters, I've decided to take another approach today. I'm going to show a couple some love. The first, Joanie Morris of the Salisbury Post really earned it. The second, Tim Funk, of The Charlotte Observer is going to get some love for a much better job in portraying Larry's campaign.

After the hatchet job last week of GOP shill, Tim Whitmire, seeing some good strong reporting is refreshing. On a side note, I find myself chuckling over the fact that Whitmire's piece was picked up by only a handful of papers or news sites and only one was in-market. Voters in Fort Wayne, Indiana will probably be wondering who the hell Larry Kissell is and why they can't vote for him as will voters in Myrtle Beach and Hampton Roads, VA. Only WCNC (Channel 6 News) had the piece printed on their web site. The paper of record in North Carolina still has not picked up on the story. The Art Pope Digest in Raleigh carried it, though - big, BIG surprise.

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John Edwards to step up for Larry Kissell - Updated

It is official! The campaign has made the announcement. John Edwards plans to step up and help Larry win in November. Details haven't been released, so stay tuned for more information. There are so many things going on. Here's a rundown in case you missed anything.

Larry Kissell won the DCCC's "Action for a New Direction" competition. Here's a little more information to give you an idea of just how organized and mobilized Kissell volunteers are.

On Saturday, September 9th, over 25 of our most competitive congressional campaigns participated in "Action for a New Direction," a national volunteer mobilization day. One thing was clear -- Democrats across the country are ready for change and are ready to hit the streets to make a difference in this election.

Give Larry Kissell 10 and He'll Give You Congress, (NC-08)

Larry Kissell has been drawing crowds of volunteers. We are literally coming out of the woodwork, but it will take many, many more of us on the phones, hitting the neighborhoods, putting out signs, attending events and fundraisers, stuffing envelopes and just about every other activity it takes to run a campaign. Those of us living in and around North Carolina's 8th CD will take care of much of that work, but we need your help backing us up on the phones. Give Larry 10 and he'll give you Congress.

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Larry Kissell, NC-08: Netroots, Grassroots and the DCCC

Everyone who has been here for a while knows how hard we, as netroots activists fought to get our fellow bloggers and activists to add Larry Kissell to the Netroots Endorsed Candidates list. We wrote, recommended, commented, jumped, danced, cheered, jeered and pretty much made fools of ourselves and it was all for a calm, quiet, honest, humble man who still can't believe how passionately a group of strangers feels about his candidacy.

Donate to Larry here!

When nominations were opened the first time, I wrote a piece lauding Larry as the perfect Netroots candidate. I posted it on the threads made available and asked folks to go comment on those threads. That time we didn't get the nod. It was OK. There was time. Larry's campaign was just starting to bubble and simmer. It was getting exciting, but hadn't reached a full rolling boil.

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Larry Kissell, NC-08: Media Darling

What do Scotland County, Cumberland County, Richmond County and Cabarrus County all have in common? They have all had a visit from Larry Kissell, a candidate who believes that a good way to lead is to follow. He's following the example of traditional grassroots candidates and knocking on doors, talking to his constituents and listening to their needs and goals for the future. He's leading by standing up for the people in his district and taking their concerns to Washington.

Larry isn't just visiting these counties. He's walking and knocking on doors. The Laurinburg Exchange (registration required) is running a piece that describes Larry's travels through the district in the heat of Indian Summer and Larry is learning from his contituents.

"The majority of the people are very concerned. They're concerned that they can't maintain the life that they've been used to, they're concerned about jobs, education, fuel prices—these things that affect them day to day," he stated. "Throughout this district, every night, there's people that are worrying about this. And that's why we're here."

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