Should Charlotte host the Republican National Convention?

No, it would be an insult to the city and the state
83% (40 votes)
Yes, because $$$ and national exposure
17% (8 votes)
Total votes: 48


Does Charlotte want to be the next Charlottesville?

The GOP convention, even if Trump is still isn't in office at that point, will be an extremist cult meeting.

Every nutjob white nationalist, homophobic bigot, neo-Nazi, and evangelical with a gun and a grudge will be there from all over the South, patrolling the streets for targets.

And NC bigots like Franklin Graham will use it as excuse to ramp up their attacks against LGBTs, Muslims and immigrants.

Any Dem in Charlotte that supports this can kiss their political career goodbye.

A stake in the heart of Charlotte

This kind of self-inflicted stupidity doesn't surprise me. Charlotte has long been confused about its identity, but the GOP convention will cement its position as hostile to the cause of freedom and fairness.

They may get a short-term revenue boost, but they'll also get a black eye that will take decades to recover from.