WRAL: McCrory's workers compensation stats questioned

Good work by Mark Binker and Cullen Browder:

Gov. Pat McCrory's claim that more 40 percent of the costs associated with workers compensation claims filed by state employees were related to fraud and abuse is raising skeptical questions from lawyers, union representatives and academics familiar with the issue.

"Our examination of workers compensation estimates that 40 percent of workers costs are related to abuse or outright fraud," McCrory said Wednesday night during the State of the State address. He used that figure to announce a shift in how those claims are handled and declare a new program to fight workers compensation waste.

The WRAL reporters made contacts with the DOI and the Industrial Commission to get confirmation of the statistics McCrory used in his speech Wednesday. They could not find anyone who would or could could make those figures available. They even contacted an academic, who said the only figures he had seen were not even close to 40%--they were more like 2-3%.

They also contacted local attorneys who specialize in worker's comp cases:

"But in more than twenty years working on these cases I’ve never seen a study that even remotely comes close to that number," [Leonard] Jernigan said, I would love to see those statistics."

Jernigan says the highest number he has seen for actual convictions in workers compensation fraud cases is 1 percent in Washington State. He said employers are more likely to commit the kind of fraud recently documented by the Office of the State Auditor.

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This is just the most blatant number thrown around by Gov. McCrory in my opinion. I am trying to follow up on a couple of others he used, and like the WRAL reporters, so far no one is confirming those numbers or explaining where he got them.



Three fourths of all

Three fourths of all statistical numbers provided in any given conversation are made up on the spot.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Pat's using Reagan's "Welfare Queen" ploy

Pat needs to be hammered on this one - he's using the same technique Reagan used to create a mass panic about welfare fraud. Reagan latched on to a story about a woman that defrauded welfare to paint a picture of welfare recipients driving Cadillacs and living the high life as the norm.

The truth was that welfare fraud was a much smaller problem and Reagan's "star" welfare queen was actually a fraudster who committed murder and several other crimes, the least of which was welfare fraud.

Pat's just making up shit to get support from conservative small business people that want to get out of the hassle of paying for worker's compensation.

I am thinking about another piece of the McCrory puzzle

Yes, lots of people create their own "stats" especially politicians. And Governor McCrory would not be above taking a page from Reagan's bio, if it would help him win votes.

But, he was reading his State of the State address, and presumably he had lots of input from policy advisers on Jones Street. Is he really surrounded by sychophants who will not point out potentially embarrasing statements like this?

My take? McCrory's administration is filled with advisers who are willing to tell the emperor how beautiful his clothes are. And the media has been giving him a free ride for far too long.

Of course I understand the Capitol Press Corps' plight, as getting a reply to an email asking what should be a simple request for verification of facts or numbers is an ordeal with McCrory's press office.

But really, WRAL @Capitol, a piece on puppy mills? And check the transcript of the Guv's speech on his web page. Not one word about puppy mills. Was he ad libbing, or did they doctor the transcript after his speech?

Martha Brock

Is he ...

... just getting his talking points from the Civitas website?