2021 NC Municipal Elections


Property taxes, water & sewer rates, downtown revitalization, planning & zoning, police and fire departments, affordable housing, all of these things and more are determined by your local elected officials. And your vote in these elections carries more weight than in any other elections, especially since turnout is historically low. Just do it. In and out with the quickness, no lines or very short ones (see turnout). I'm going right now to vote, and then work the polls, as long as my energy holds up...

Tuesday Twitter roundup

That's 3/4 of our seats. Going to a party with less than 1/3 of the registered voters in NC.

Monday News: Eighteen thousand fifty


COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS IN NC CONTINUE DOWNWARD TREND: At least 1,477,514 people in North Carolina have tested positive for the coronavirus, and at least 18,050 have died since March 2020, according to state health officials. At least 1,335 people were reported hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Friday, including 394 adults who are patients in intensive care units, health officials said. On Wednesday, the latest date with available information, 4.4% of coronavirus tests were reported positive. North Carolina health care providers discarded 703,000 COVID vaccine doses since December, representing a $12 million loss to the U.S. government, WTVD reported. That’s nearly 7% of the 10 million doses sent to the state, the Raleigh station reported Friday, citing N.C. Department of Health and Human Service data. Of course the anti-vaxxers won't admit to wasting taxpayer monies with their stubborn refusal.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


NEW MAPS MAY BE "RACE-BLIND," BUT THEY STILL HURT MINORITY VOTERS: It’s disingenuous for Republicans to pretend that using race in any way is wrong, when the courts have ruled that race can and should be used if it’s to ensure that all communities are represented fairly. The law is clear: racial gerrymandering is unconstitutional. But the consideration of race is permitted, and even required, under court interpretations of the Voting Rights Act. In states with racially polarized voting, mapmakers are required to create majority-minority districts so that those voters have an equal opportunity to vote and elect their candidate of choice. (Republicans say there’s no evidence of racially polarized voting in North Carolina, but they’ve also refused to study it.) The truth is, regardless of what they say, Republicans most definitely pay attention to race when they draw their lines. Just like they did when they cracked the NC A&T campus into two Districts. This "Race-Blind" thing is pure Orwell, a Big Lie in the making, in an effort to bluff their way through the inevitable court challenges.

Saturday News: Tarheel Taliban


MARK ROBINSON RILES UP 1,000 CHRISTO-FASCISTS IN FRONT OF LEGISLATURE: In a fiery speech Friday, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson said he would not resign after making derogatory comments about the LGBTQ community weeks ago, just days after he indicated he might run for governor. Robinson spoke to a crowd of well over 1,000 people on Halifax Mall, just steps from the state legislative building, as part of a “Stand up for America” rally organized by Return America. The North Carolina-based group, according to its website, says its mission is to: “build a network of churches and individuals to educate, motivate and mobilize citizens in a united effort in promoting Judeo-Christian values; to educate and influence government in these principles upon which our state and nation were founded.” Apparently they forgot about all the anti-Semitic comments Robinson has made. Or they didn't forget...

Friday News: The answer, my friend...

OFFSHORE WIND FARM NEAR WILMINGTON WILL PRODUCE 1.5 GIGS: The Department of the Interior announced Thursday that it is forging ahead with the lease of a nearly 200-square mile portion of the Atlantic Ocean off the Brunswick County coastline for the development of offshore wind. On Nov. 1, the Department of the Interior will publish a notice in the Federal Register proposing the lease sale of a large portion of the Wilmington East Wind Energy Area, starting a 60-day public comment period that will last until January 3. When completed, the Wilmington East area could generate more than 1.5 gigawatts of electricity, which Interior said is enough for more than 500,000 homes. By comparison, Duke Energy’s natural gas-powered Sutton Plant near Wilmington has a capacity of 625 megawatts, less than half the offshore wind area’s potential. I hope they're close enough to see from the shoreline. They are majestic, not ugly.

Thursday News: Seditious Punks


BOTH MADISON CAWTHORN AND MARK MEADOWS HELPED ENGINEER COUP ATTEMPT: Rolling Stone said the organizers, speaking anonymously, named seven Republican members of Congress who joined, either directly or through their staffers, in the effort to overturn the election. Republican North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn was among those named. That Cawthorn was named is hardly a surprise. He spoke at the Jan. 6 rally near the White House where he said, “The Democrats, with all the fraud they have done in this election, the Republicans, hiding and not fighting, they are trying to silence your voice.” Cawthorn’s remarks are not the only embarrassment for North Carolina. The Rolling Stone report also suggests deep involvement in the Jan. 6 events by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, a former Republican congressman who preceded Cawthorn in North Carolina’s 11th District. Why is Treason so popular up there in the 11th? Lack of oxygen? Vertigo due to acrophobia? Just spitballing here.


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