Zombie Reagan stalks the N&O editorial pages

Courtesy of the John Locke Foundation:

Republicans historically have been the party of low taxes. That stance has served the party well, and because of Reagan and Kemp it resulted in 25 years of record economic growth for America...Don’t play the president’s class warfare game on taxes, and question why bloated and duplicative government programs need more money, especially when the nation has incurred a $16 trillion debt that is growing daily.

What this puppet fails to mention (of course) is that Reagan increased the public debt more than all 200 years-worth of previous Presidents combined. Something like 189% if memory serves. Which makes this foray into the land of hyperbole even more laughable:

The country is hungering for fiscal sanity and it understands that we can’t spend our way out of this economic crisis. The public also understands that if we keep on the same track that the president and allies have prescribed, we are then well on our way to the track taken by Greece.

If you mean the track that has austerity measures crushing any hope for economic recovery, you may be right. But if you're implying (which I'm pretty sure you are) that President Obama wants to swell the ranks of government workers, a little fact-checking is in order:

That's right. The ranks of Federal, state and local government workers have thinned under President Obama. In contrast, Ronald Reagan (and both Bushes) increased the ranks of public sector employees when dealing with their recessions.

If this is the kind of economic "advising" Pope and his JLF "experts" have in store for McCrory and the General dis-Assembly, we're up the creek with nothing more than a rotten log to keep us afloat.


It really is quite remarkable

None of the Puppets, including the Master, has ever started and run a business. Pope inherited a 16-place setting of silver spoons from daddy, and has done nothing in his career except exploit poor people.

John Hood has never had a real job in the public or private sector, making a living instead like a homeless guy at a stop light.

DeLuca? An entire career as a government employee, with you and me paying his salary.

The whole fucking thing is laughable beyond belief. And now the clowns get to take over the whole of state government.

This is some seriously sick shit.

It is a sickness

To continue believing in an economic formula that can only benefit a small portion of the populace reveals either a sickness of the mind or a sickness of the soul. And since some of these folks are too smart for the former, that only leaves the soul. And you can't "learn" your way past greed and avarice.

Here's a scary thought

I'm listening to the radio on the drive home and hear DeLuca tell Lockwood Phillips that Civitas is working on a tax plan for North Carolina that eliminates all taxes on income and relies on sales taxes and business license fees. The idea that this group has any influence with our govt. scares the hell out of me considering how spectacularly wrong they are about everything.

Welcome to Art Popelina, home of Jerry Manders.

Harebrained schemes, drunk with power

The ironic thing is, since that will choke our education system in short order, it will only be a few years before we're not smart enough anymore to figure out how stupid they are.