Youth Voting, Student IDs, Queer Rights, & Climate Change

Anyone who has read my blog history here on Blue NC knows that voting rights and LGBTQIA issues are close to my heart and political passions. One particular intersection of these interests is youth voting. Young voters more than other demographics tend to be very supportive LGBTQ rights and equality. And there's a long history in this country about deciding who has the right to vote at what age. And in North Carolina there have been attempts to roll back our pre-registration access and implement other measures that make youth voting challenging. Young voters will also get to live with the future of climate change in a way that many older voters won't have to. So we have a lot at stake in getting younger voters to the polls. In the wake of the new voter ID law and how that is impacting universities across North Carolina (I happen to work at one of them), I decided to write up a piece about youth voting and student IDs. I hope you'll check out my guest entry on the UNC School of Government blog entitled "Have you ever wondered why young people just don’t vote? Maybe it’s not them, it’s you."



Good stuff, Jake

Back when I was an Army recruiter up in the Chicago area, I used to set up a table outside the cafeteria at the high school once or twice a month. The first time I did it I was terrified (bad-ass paratrooper, eh?), but there was always a steady stream of students stopping by to talk. Put a few of 'em in the Army, too.

You're right, at that age, they are ready to start doing adult things.