You're supposed to blindly recite the pledge of allegiance, even if it doesn't make sense

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Once again Colbert has proven to be the man.  Check out this clip from Thursday's show about William Phillips choosing not to say the Pledge of Allegiance because gays cannot marry.

Both hilarious and insightful, this made me feel some hope about the future of youth activism when those like Will take our place.  Will, you are NOT a gay-wad, and you should feel very proud of what you did.


I remember reciting the Pledge in elementary school

I remember reciting the Pledge in elementary school back in the 50s. I remember when we were told we had to change the pledge and start adding "under God".

For some reason - maybe because we were told that we didn't have to say those words - I decided even then that this phrase did not belong in my version of the Pledge, and I still don't stay it.

I also can't help feeling that kids like William Philips - kids who listened to the words in the 50s - went on to support the freedom movements in the US, especially desegregation.

As my mind goes back to the 50s, I'm reminded of that song that Elvis used to sing containing the phrase, "And the beasts of the wild will be led by a child...." and I feel a glimmer of hope for our country once again.

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

The god squad is relentless

When god has chosen you to do his work, you stop at nothing.

Are we a country or are we not?

I understand someone not wanting to put "under god" in the pledge. I know we have a small minority of people that do not believe in any god so because of that, we should honor their disbelief by taking that phrase out of the "pledge".

But, does that mean that people that do want to say "under god" when they site the pledge should not be able to do that? It seems that one "right" should enable the other "right".

I grew up in the '50's also and I personally do not remember what has been presented here but then, I may be from a different part of the country than you zabouti.

Cheap, dime store patriotism

Usernamehere, thank you for posting this--everyone should read that link.

This is the reason I refuse to recite the pledge--cheap, dime store crap, and a marketing ploy on top of that.

Ever notice how the actual country is just an afterthought?

Are we a free country or are we not?

M Foxtrot, I said nothing about changing the pledge, did I? Aside from the "under God" part and the rather odd idea of pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth (to a country, okay), the pledge seems okay to me. I like the idea of liberty and justice for all, for example.

As for your argument that people should be able to add anything they want to the pledge, it strikes me as kind of novel, but, hey! It's supposed to be a free country, so go ahead. (I'm not sure if that's what your second paragraph is saying???)

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

We all have our thoughts on the "pledge"

Like you, zabouti, I'm of the "older generation". I gained a great deal of what I consider my own patriotism through such things as citing the pledge in school, through my involvment in cubscouts/boyscouts/air explorers and citing those pledges as well. It is now part of my soul, so to speak. I'm fine with people that believe that invoking "god" into the pledge is going beyond a pledge to support our country. No problem there. But, I am also in support of those that DO want to invoke "god" as well. That's all I am saying.

Now, I am seeing some posts here against the idea of having a pledge of any kind in the first place. I think these folks see it as something like Nazi Germany where you are forced to do the Seig Heil thingy. But, I do not see it that way. But, I really do not want to argue it. It means a great deal to me and I have taught my children that pledging our support to our country (and no, not to a "piece of cloth" which to me is ludicrous) should mean something. Should our children be forced to say the "pledge" in school every morning like we were? I do not know exactly how I feel about that. I do know that I tear up when I hear the national anthem and I put my hand to my heart with pride for my country. I liked reciting the "pledge" in school way back then. It built part of my dedication I have today to my country.

We all have our thoughts on the "pledge". Tough to say who is really "right" or "wrong" in their beliefs on this.

Haha yeah...

Like colbert said, your not supposed to question the bible, just read it and things will magically get better.

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Speaking of magic

If you haven't read my first novel yet, I'm betting you'll love it.


Bought it, read it, good read. Gotta be willing to stay with it and keep your own philosophy out of it when trying to understand what James is presenting, though.


I do like to swarm when I write fiction.


PS I didn't know you had read it ... thanks! Feel free to write a review, which I will post on my website. Everybody seems to have a different view of what the book is about.

Okay, James, here's my take

"Jesus Swept" is a satire that plays on us not just from a religious perspective, which I can see is there, but from a philosophical perspective. Anyone that reads it can identify with one of the characters there. I had a tough time initially following what this book was about, to be honest, then as I read further, realized that James is using humor/satire/factual information to get us to think about not only ourselves, but further. It didn't seem particularly "political" in nature, in my opinion, but maybe I missed that. I mean, hey, James is nothing if not "political", right?

Just my take. Enjoyed it and so would anyone that reads it.

Do good, be nice, have fun.


I just posted your review on my other website. Scroll down to the bottom.

Thanks for doing this.

There's a smattering of political opinion beneath the surface of the book, but it's definitely more like fun with religion than fun with politics. I like the idea that god can take a joke.

I Will Check It Out

I will definitely check out Jesus Swept

Check out Amplify, youth driven community dedicated to changing society's dysfunctional approach to sexual health issues

Happy to do it, James

Will we see another book coming? I spend my days now doing a lot of reading and, of course, blogging and such and would love to see you offering something else up for us.

Sometimes I think I am a little different breed than many folks on BlueNC in my opinions and background but learn every day from things posted here. Thank you and Betsy for offering this venue for us to discuss our various beliefs and opinions. All too many "blogs" say they are a voice for differences of opinion but BlueNC walks the talk on it. Very refreshing.