You're screwed, kiddo

The only thing wrong with this insightful alarm in today's Washington Post is the balanced way it deals with partisanship in our nation's impending decline. Republicans are far more culpable for the growing wealth and opportunity gap than are Democrats. That said, the overall point is brilliantly made. The younger generations in America today (under 35) are well and truly screwed. And most of those at peril aren't lifting a finger to do anything about it.



America without unions

What would America look like without a union movement? That’s not a hard question to answer, because we’re almost at that point. The rate of private-sector unionization has fallen below 7 percent, from a post-World War II high of roughly 40 percent. Already, the economic effects of a union-free America are glaringly apparent: an economically stagnant or downwardly mobile middle class, a steady clawing-back of job-related health and retirement benefits and ever-rising economic inequality.

This newest generation isn't alone. Lots of folks are going to

get a bigger screwing than they ever dreamed of...and they're going to wonder how it happened....while they were too busy to pay attention. The $2 Billion loss of client monies at JP MORGAN is paling in comparison to the shenanigans at Chesapeake Energy which is looking at a $22 Billion debt it apparenly can't pay...and whose CEO has been enriching himself in ways that have stockholders up in arms. Spain just got an infusion of 125 Billion Euros from the ECU to keep their banks solvent. Greece is teetering, as is Italy and unemployment in all these places is more than double ours. Here, student loan debt just overtook credit card debt. Students owe more money on loans than the total credit card debt. No where..are any workable solutions being proposed. When the perfect storm of all these things...and more...wash thru our economy, the results are likely to make the Great Depression look anemic as pension funds go defunct, SS and Medicare get downsized, and unemployment soars. The govt doesn't have even the funds to cover FDIC deposits if too many banks go down.

While all this is happening in full view, Congress is either silent or slinging BS, spending their time naming new post offices, or rejecting equal pay for women...if they can find a job.

So, unless we have a miracle, things are likely to get worse for just about everybody.

My opinion.

Stan Bozarth