Your words are needed

Via e-mail from the NC Conservation Network:

It’s critical that legislators hear from those who value strong public health and environmental protections like yourself, not just from big special interest groups who want to pollute our beautiful state without consequences. Personal comments from citizens like you who know the value of these protections will be very meaningful.

To write your message to the Joint Regulatory Reform Committee, go here and click the "Stand up for NC's environment and public health" link. Here's mine:

I'm sure most of you can remember the bad old days, when factories wantonly discharged wastewater cocktails of chemical solvents into our rivers, or dumped 55 gallon drums of PCBs and other toxins directly into our creeks. Thankfully, for the most part, those bad old days are over.

But it wasn't "common sense" or an "enlightened industry" that brought about those improvements. It took government intervention in the form of Federal laws and regulations and State application and enforcement of those laws and regulations to force industry to act responsibly.

If you honestly believe that point-source pollution problem would have fixed itself without government regulations, or that it won't become a problem again in the absence of those regulations (or regulators to enforce them), you have no business sitting in a position that can direcly affect the health and quality of life of nine million people.