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WVEC-TV in Virginia, your typical, run-of-the-mill corporate suck-up television station, carries a story today about a wingnut NC legislator who is betting his ass and his political future on the albatros that is Jim Black. I've taken the liberty of a little doctoring, just to see what it might look like if NC Republicans stopped for a few minutes to clean up their own stinking party.

Republican senator takes aim at Speaker Black Pope electioneering


By MIKE BAKER / Associated Press

A Republican lawmaker unveiled an election year ad campaign Monday calling on embattled House Speaker Jim Black Art Pope to resign apologize in the wake of his "dirty corruption scandal."

Sen. Andrew Brock, R-Davie, said he will drain his entire campaign account airing the 30-second TV spot.

"The man is so arrogant — he's gone mad with power," said Brock, R-Davie. "He's violated the trust of the people of North Carolina."

"I consider it treason against the state," said Brock, adding that his ad will air during statewide talk-show NC SPIN and on the FOX News channel. "Today is the day we're going to end Democratic Republican corruption in North Carolina."

A spokeswoman for Black's office the Pope said she had not discussed Brock's advertising campaign with the speaker, Puppetmaster who is at home catching up on his work as an optometrist an exploiter of cheap labor.

Black Pope has faced a series of ethical questions over the past year.

Black's former political aide, Meredith Norris, has been charged with violating the state's lobbying laws by working as an unregistered lobbyist for lottery business Scientific Games Corp. Pope's loyal stagemanager, John Hood, has remained silent on the issue of illegal corporate money pouring into North Carolina elections at the hands of his boss.

Brock called on all Democrats Republicans to donate their Black-raised illegal Pope money to charity.

"If they want clean and honest elections, they must do so with clean and honest campaigns," Brock said.

Most days I let Republican hypocrisy wash right over me, it's so prevalent. But when sanctimonious assholes like Andy Brock decide to start throwing stones from their glass houses, well, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.


Who's running against Brock?

He spends all his money on this 30 seconds then I hope he doesn't have opposition in November.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I mean...I hope he does have opposition :)

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Run your own commercial Anglico

You can afford it. Otherwise, sit back and take your medicine for using vulgar language.


If you stop biting your nurse maybe he'll undo your restraints long enough for you to type in a real name.

WTF are you talking about?

Where did anyone say anything about Anglico? I am amazed
at how wussy Republican commenters hide behind their anonymous
badges and pull totally inane, irrelevant comments out of thin air.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Brock is the posturer who introduced pre-packaged right-wing legislation like the Academic Bill of Rights (SAF) and the Castle Doctrine (NRA).

NC SPIN: Singing to the choir?

Interesting choice of venues. I know the John Locke folks sponsor NC SPIN (along with NC Power Comm., NC Propane, [Graham's sock puppetry]).

I hope he's charged the going rate for political advertising (which might be fairly low considering the local 6:30AM broadcast time).

At the very least...

At the very least, the viewers of Spin are going to be well informed and not learn anything new from the ad.


He's going for the buzz not for viewers. He's hoping to catch a wave and a bunch of donations before parting with a dime.

Too much credit for brains ....

Calling a modern TV newsroom (or anyone in it) "run-of-the-mill corporate suck-up" is giving them far too much credit for having the brains to know how to suck up. Actually the problem is the newsrooms of all but the most successful and dedicated TV stations are staffed by a bunch of underpaid tragic cases - either straight out of J-school (usually somewhere far away, so they haven't a clue what the local issues and/or personalities are) and overwhelmed by the excitement of being on TV, or burned out and can't get a PR job.

The reason things make it on their air is that a news release falls out of the fax machine or pops into their email box at the right moment and their dull stare fixes on it, and makes it news. They probably don't know who Brock is or what he stands for.

I will agree that more and more of the above tragic cases these days seem to be of a right-wing bent than their predecessors were, but still won't grant them the credit you do for knowing how to apply their bias to their work product!


And I thought I was a cynic about broadcast journalism. This comment nails things so perfectly well, I'm inspired to even more distrust. I hereby join you and withdraw giving them any credit whatsoever.

Well said.