Young Democrats support Governor Perdue

On Wednesday, the Executive Committee of the Young Democrats of North Carolina voted unanimously to voice our "unqualified support" for Governor Bev Perdue.

As the Chair of our Platform & Resolutions Committee, I believe it is imperative for us to show our support for Governor Perdue and stand with her. Her leadership has made a difference in the lives of many Young Democrats - including mine.

As a student of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, I am deeply grateful for Governor Perdue's efforts to protect my access to education. As with all North Carolinians, education enables my self-empowerment and makes me a more qualified member of the workforce. Because of Governor Perdue's tireless fight to secure access to education, North Carolina is home to one of the most educated workforces in America. Our education system attracts and keeps businesses that provide vital jobs to North Carolinians.

In this election year fraught with political extremism, the last thing we want to do is give Republicans complete control of our government. The consequences of losing Governor Perdue could not be clearer: access to education will be eroded, and our state's progress will be dramatically reversed.

You can read the text of our resolution below. We hope you'll stand with us as we stand with the Governor.

Gabriel Seth Koch
Platform & Resolutions Committee Chair



WHEREAS Lieutenant Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue won the Democratic Nomination for Governor on May 6, 2008; won the Gubernatorial Election on November 4, 2008; and assumed the office of Governor on January 10, 2009;

WHEREAS Governor Perdue's strong leadership brings thousands of jobs to North Carolina;

WHEREAS the keystone of Our Governor's leadership is her strong and vocal support for public education at all levels;

WHEREAS Our Governor stands resolute in opposition to disastrous cuts to education; attacks on our educators and state employees; and legislation that threatens our civil rights and civil liberties;

WHEREAS Our Governor used her veto power judiciously and wisely to protect North Carolina from the North Carolina General Assembly's worst missteps;

WHEREAS Our Governor shares our values, including our stated belief that "Our state must have an outstanding education system in order to produce an informed community, to promote economic development, and to build an economic future characterized by high-skill and high-wage employment;"

WHEREAS Our Governor stood up for us, and it is only just that Young Democrats stand up for her;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Young Democrats of North Carolina hereby voices its unqualified support of Our Governor, Beverly Eaves Perdue.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gabriel Seth Koch
Platform & Resolutions Chair

Sam Spencer

Passed Unanimously by the Executive Committee of the YDNC

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Respectfully, this is an example of why I'm disgusted

... by parts of the Democratic party.

While it may be virtually inevitable - or even understood as fact by most breathing humans - that this group "voices its unqualified support of ... Beverly Eaves Perdue" why not wait until the filing period is over?

To at least give the pretense of evaluating all official candidates that may file?

What is the wisdom of YDNC doing something like this except to look like you're blindly following Perdue?

And just to say it again in this forum, I'm not a Faison fan.


Thanks for the comment.

The reason we decided to vote on this - and the reason it passed unanimously - is simple: we wanted to show our gratitude and support for the job the Governor is doing in Raleigh, and we wanted to stand with her as she stands up to the GOP legislature. While General Assembly Republicans are conducting business in the dead of night and giving our Governor no quarter, Governor Perdue is vetoing legislation that would be disastrous if enacted and working hard to bring jobs to the state.

I think the wisdom of voicing our support of her job performance is to present to the public a very clear contrast - young people support the Governor because she's looking out for our best interests and getting the job done. Republicans in the General Assembly are doing quite the opposite.

Why shouldn't we wait until the end of the filing period? First, if this were an endorsement of Perdue's 2012 re-election campaign, it would include the word "endorse" - though there are certainly many YDs who have personally endorsed the Governor. Second, the Governor still has quite a bit of governing to do before the reelection begins in earnest - but that hasn't stopped the veritable onslaught of attacks. We wanted to stand up and be counted as a group that supports the job the Governor is doing. Third, the filing period could very well be delayed for a couple of months, and either way the NCGA is going to convene before the filing period is over. The Governor has a lot to do before the filing period is over, and we want to stand with her as she continues to govern.

A distinction without a difference

This resolution was posted prefaced by:

In this election year fraught with political extremism, the last thing we want to do is give Republicans complete control of our government. The consequences of losing Governor Perdue could not be clearer:

How is that anything but an endorsement without using the word?

The filing period ends in Feb. The General Assembly is scheduled for one session before the filing period. While many things could happen, it is still suspect to issue this resolution in mid-Jan when the filing period will likely be over in six weeks with little more for the Governor to veto by then.

I applaud the eagerness of the YDNC. I just note that it was easily possible in this circumstance to be more thoughtful and strategic while arriving at the same outcome.



It was tweeted and retweeted as "endorse" including by Perdue's campaign. Note: I am a Faison supporter. The link was provided but no one seemed to care that they were tweeting the words "endorse" against a link of "support. Your comments should be distributed.