Young Democrats of Lenoir County's First Meeting


The first meeting of the Young Democrats of Lenoir County was held on July 29, 2009 at 5:30pm at the Kinston – Lenoir Public Library; 510 N. Queen St, Kinston, NC. The meeting was open to all registered Democrats. The organization is affiliated with the Young Democrats of North Carolina. The YDLC will focus on stimulating Young People to get actively involved in government affairs, serve as a mechanism for satisfying political expression, and to make members of the Democratic Party aware that Young People intend to take an active role in Party Affairs. All following meetings will be held on the 1st Wednesday of Every Month unless otherwise ordered by the organization leadership.

I gave a brief opening statement about my personal feelings about the YDLC and what we need to stay focused on.

Welcome to the first meeting of the Young Democrats of Lenoir County. I want to thank all of you for taking time out of what I’m sure is your very busy schedule to be here.

I want to be clear about what exactly the purpose of the Young Democrats of Lenoir County is.

The object of the Young Democrats of Lenoir County is to stimulate young people to have an active interest in governmental affairs.

To serve as an Outlet for Young People to express themselves politically.

To let members of the Democratic Party know that young people are going to have an active role in party affairs.

Today Young Democrats we have an Opportunity like never before. The Democratic Party Has the White House, The House, The Senate, And The Governors Mansion. The NC House, NC Senate, Majority of the Lenoir County Commissioners Seats, Majority of the City Council Seats.

With That Being said we have to seize this opportunity. There is no excuse for us not to get things done.

But in order for Our Leaders to be successful they need US. They need us to keep they Focused and on the right track.

All too often Big Business and Special Interest Groups are the one influencing Government Policy on ALL levels. That Needs to end. Our Elected Officials need to know that we support them and they don’t have to play politics with the Special Interest Groups. All they have to do is focus on what is the will of the people.

All they have to do is Stay Focused on the Issues and come up with Real Solutions to Problems. That is what makes Our party better than the opposition.

We have solutions they don’t. We are working for change. They are sitting on the sidelines complaining.
They Want our President to Fail. We want the President to succeed. We know if he is Successful the Entire Country will be Successful.

Well Whining an complaining are going to move this country forward.

What will move this Country Forward is Hard Work, Will Power and Determination to serve the Will of the People. What it takes if Focused Leaders that have the intestinal fortitude and the vision to take risk.

What it takes to move the Country forward is for the Democratic Party to come together in unity. That is my ultimate goal. We can’t do anything alone.

We need to come together, Stand united and support each other. We can’t complain about Change if we aren’t willing to work for it.

I am willing to work for it. And I believe that all of you are willing to work for Change or else you wouldn’t be here. The Time Is now.

To Quote the President of the United States We are the Change that we have been waiting for we are the change that we seek.

After the Opening Statement I introduced Conen Morgan, President of the Young Democrats of North Carolina. Conen laid down the foundation for what turned out to be a pretty productive meeting. Conen explain to the group what the Young Democrats is all about and what we need to as a Local Chapter and he expressed his desire to help mentor the group. Conen leadership will be needed.

There was one elected official in attendance Kinston City Councilman Jimmy Cousins. Jimmy gave us some valuable information about what the City Council is working. I can't express how important it was for City Councilman Cousins to be there yesterday. His years of experience in local government gave us all a little bit more information about City Government than what we had before the meeting.

We allowed everyone that was in attendance to speak and introduce themselves. After the introductions were completed we held the Young Democrats of Lenoir County Officers election.

President - Anthony D. Hall
1st V.P. - Malika Becton
2nd V.P. - Clifton Hargett
Treasurer - Victor Toodle

After the election was held the officers were sworn by Conen Morgan and then the YDLC by laws were approved.

After the approval of the YDLC by laws, I introduced an Action Plan, a list of issues that are of top priority to me and I wanted to share those ideas with the group.

Young Democrats of Lenoir County


1. Health Care – Write Letters to the editor advocating Health Care reform attend Health Board Meetings, and Local events and forums on Health Care. These are things we can do to bring awareness to the issue. 47 million people uninsured is unacceptable. Especially in the Riches country in the world.

2. Poverty – Addressing the issue of poverty will solve so many of the other major issues that we’ll be forced to address. There are numerous social and economic factors that come into play when you start to discuss poverty one of those factors is Education.

3. Education – Increasing the Quality of Public Education is a never ending goal. That goal want be accomplished unless Education Funding is increased and teacher pay is increased. The ‘No Child Left Behind Program” needs scrapped. There needs to be NEW standards set for kids that are realistic. It makes no sense for a child to get As and Bs all year round only to fail the EOG and be held back because of it. Teaching to a test isn’t the best way to teach our children. School Class Size issue needs to be address. A class with close to 25-30 kids isn’t the ideal learning environment. More Teachers are needed. If incentives have to be paid to Big Corporations to come to the area we should pay the people that teach our Kids incentives and the bonuses to the ones that exceed expectations.

4. Economy and Labor - I think everyone knows that the economy is in the tank right now but we have to remind people that the Presidents Economic Reinvestment and Recovery Plan is just that a Plan and will take time to fully implement. That doesn’t mean we just sit around and wait for things to happen. We should focus on pushing for a Change in our Trade Policy that stops sending jobs overseas and stops giving tax breaks to companies that set up shop overseas. I firmly believe that our economy want recover fully until the Manufacturing Industry returns to the United States. On the local level we can urge County Commissioner and City Councilman to provide incentives to Companies to come to the area. Without Middle Class Jobs there will be no Middle Class. As it stands right now the Gap between Rich and Poor is widening at an alarming rate. The only way to stop that is to find a way to bring jobs back to the United States. We need to look at our trade policies and tariffs and make the necessary changes.

5. Energy and the Environment – Energy independence doesn’t mean drill baby drill it means investing in renewable sources of energy that don’t have a negative effect on the environment.

6. Civil Rights – Just because we have an African American President doesn’t mean that we should stop fighting for Civil Rights. We want Civil Rights for all people, races, genders, age groups, and sexual preferences.

7. Budget issues – During the Clinton Administration they managed to leave a Budget Surplus. During the 8 years of George Bush, they have destroyed that surplus and have placed this country in a grave Budget Crisis. We need to set the country back on course to having a Balanced Budget.

8. Tax Fairness – Ending Tax loop holes, Ending the Bush Tax Cuts and making sure the Rich pay their fair share are essential to balancing the Budget and Paying for Health Care reform.

9. Protecting and Strengthening Social Security and other social programs - Insight of the repeated attempts of the GOP to weaken and Kill Social Security from the beginning of it existence the program is still here. What needs to happen is that we need to find ways to keep it going so that it will be there for us when we retire and for our children and grandchildren. We also need to expand and strengthen Medicaid and Medicare. The GOP didn’t support these programs and never will we can’t allow them to strip and water down these programs any further.

10. Criminal Justice – The Criminal Justice system is in need of major overhaul. There are way too many people locked with felonies for Non Violent Crimes (i.e. Drug offenses) minorities are affected disproportionately and this disparity needs to end. We need to focus on treatment and probation rather sending them to prison.

After the Action Plan was introduced I allowed time for any of the candidates for Mayor and City Council to explain why they should have the job. Kinston Mayoral Candidates Ronnie Isler and Councilman Jimmy Cousins both explained why they should have the job of Mayor. There was only one City Council Candidate in attendance Hilary Greene. She explained her candidacy for the office of City Councilwoman.

After the Candidates had the opportunity to speak the meeting was adjourned.


Very Successful Meeting in Kinston

I think that the meeting in Kinston was very productive! It was incredibly cool to be in the same room where new leaders within our organization were being born. I was honored to be in attendance as you all too your "Oath of Office" and joined the ranks of the leadership of this organization. A quote comes to mind when I the activities of last night.. I am totally paraphrasing because I cannot think of it exactly, but the workload is massive but the workers are few. I am glad that we have more workers. There is only so much that we can do as an Executive Board, that is why working within your county, is vitally important. I am going to forward you the information about our President's Council that is headed up by Terrence Morrison (Wake), Mike Little (Wake) and Ron Williams (Guilford). I am proud of the steps that you have decided to take forward. We are here if and when you need us!

We are one in service to the world and each other!


Montica Talmadge

Respectfully Submitted,

Montica Talmadge

I'm a strong supportor of Van!

He was busy getting things done in the General Assembly but he expressed his support for the group and desire to attend one of our meetings in the future! Van Is The Man!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!