Young Democrats Gearing Up in 2011

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Well, here we are. Republicans have taken the gavel, and it’s just as bleak as we predicted. On the campaign trail in 2010, we heard over and over that job creation and the state’s economy were priority number one for Republicans. Instead, they have spent no time creating jobs, and all their time on efforts to take away economic development monies, to increase heath insurance costs for North Carolina families by exempting us from national HCR, threatening our watersheds by emptying out the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, and advancing veiled and baseless reasoning to infringe the voting rights of college students, minorities, seniors, the homeless and many others.

The Young Democrats of North Carolina have had enough, and so have you.

I have to start by extending another “thank you” to all of you on BlueNC who have supported our Young Democrats or who have contributed to or worked on the campaigns of young Democratic leaders like me.

I’m taking this opportunity to reach out to you as a young elected official and as National Committeeman of the Young Democrats of North Carolina. I’ve spent the last ten years building grassroots youth movements, working to elect Democrats locally, and helping our statewide candidates pick up ground in northwest North Carolina. This fall, I will seek a second term on the Boone Town Council at age 28.

I write on behalf of young leaders all across the Old North State, who see the future of North Carolina leadership starting today. You understand the importance of empowering the next generation of Democratic leaders. You understand how important it is to get our generation to stand up for our right to vote, our right to quality education, and our civil rights.

Our organization will to spend 2011 living up to our legacy. Many Democratic elected officials began their political journeys as leaders in the Young Democrats or the College Democrats, and for 83 years the Young Democrats of North Carolina have lit the path to a bright future for North Carolina. That is why we're hoping you'll support the 2011 Young Democrats of North Carolina and College Democrats of North Carolina State Convention on April 1-2 in historic downtown Winston-Salem.

If you missed Tucker Middleton's earlier post, the Young Democrats of North Carolina and College Democrats of North Carolina have come together to prepare a convention that will give Democrats of all ages the tools to recruit young volunteers and reach young voters. Activist trainings, breakout sessions, and an inspiring Leadership Luncheon form the core of a convention program that will teach and encourage our generation's leaders. With your support, we will empower hundreds of young North Carolinians to fight this destructive, regressive Republican legislative agenda.

With Republicans at the helm, we cannot relent in our fight to defend over 100 years of Democratic progress. We have never needed a new generation of Democratic leaders as much as we do right now, and our Young and College Democrats are up to the task. More Young Democrats than ever are stepping up as elected officials; our members are Soil and Water Commissioners, City Councilmen, County Commissioners, State Legislators, and Presidential Electors. Nonetheless, we need to encourage more people to answer the call to work on Democratic campaigns, fight to save public education, and run for office.

We humbly ask you to join us in standing up for the future. For as little as $70, you can sponsor the 2011 State Convention and help us work toward victory in 2012. Sponsorship at this level includes your ticket to the convention, and recognition as one of our convention sponsors. You can view all of the sponsorship levels and perks and make a secure online contribution right here. Even a $20 contribution at the "Good Democrats" level will help us fight terrible legislation like the Voter ID bill and the Republican budget.

Help us protect the governing achievements of true Tar Heel leaders like Marc Basnight, Jim Hunt and Terry Sanford. Join the Young Democrats and College Democrats as a convention sponsor and protect the progress we’ve fought so hard for over the past 83 years. I'll be around to answer any questions - we need your support this year.

Andy Ball


Thanks for posting this,

Thanks for posting this, Andy! It's going to be a fun convention!


"infringe the voting rights of college students, minorities..."

On that note, this just landed in my inbox from Dem NC on the voter suppression bill:

The next House Elections Committee meeting will be Wednesday, March 23 at 1:00 PM in Room 643 LOB at the General Assembly in Raleigh. At this point, we don’t know if there will be a vote on HB-351 at the meeting. However, there will definitely be discussion on the bill and we need to have a presence there. There may even be opportunities for more public comment.

The Birth of the People's Party

The following is from Dr. Robert Reich's Blog:

The Principles of the People’s Party

It’s emerging from the heartland – from Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa — and it is spreading across the nation. It doesn’t have a formal organization or Washington lobbyists beyond it, but it’s gaining strength nonetheless. Like the Tea Party did with Republicans in 2010, the People’s Party will pressure Democrats in primaries and general elections leading up to 2012 and beyond to have the courage of the party’s core convictions. But unlike the Tea Party, which has been coopted by the super-rich, the People’s Party represents the needs and aspirations of America’s vast working middle class, along with the less fortunate.

The People’s Party is dedicated to the truth that America is a rich nation – richer by far than any other, richer than it’s ever been. The People’s Party rejects the claims of plutocrats who want us to believe we can no longer afford to live decently – who are cutting the wages and benefits of most people, attacking unions, and squeezing public budgets. The People’s Party will not allow them to turn us against one another – unionized against non-unionized, public employee against private employee, immigrant against native born. Nor will the People’s Party allow the privileged and powerful to distract us from the explosive concentration of income and wealth at the top, the decline in taxes paid by the top, and their increasing and untrammeled political power.

We have joined together to reverse these trends and to promote a working people’s bill of rights. We are committed to:

1. Increasing the pay and bargaining power of average working people. We’ll stop efforts to destroy unions and collective bargaining rights. Protect workers who try to form unions from being fired. Make it easier for workers to form unions through simple up-or-down votes at the workplace.

2. Requiring America’s super-rich to pay their fair share. Increase top marginal tax rates and the number of tax brackets at the top. Treat income from capital gains the same as ordinary income. Restore the estate tax. Revoke the citizenship of anyone found to be sheltering income abroad.

3. Protecting and expanding government programs vital to the working middle class and the poor. These include Social Security, K-12 education, Pell Grants for disadvantaged students, public transportation, Medicare and Medicaid, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

4. Ending corporate welfare and cutting military outlays. Trim defense spending. End special tax subsidies for specific corporations or industries – at both state and federal levels. Cut agricultural subsidies.

5. Saving Social Security while making it more progressive. Exempt the first $20,000 of income from Social Security taxes. Make up the difference – and any need for additional Social Security revenues – by raising the ceiling on income subject to the Social Security payroll tax.

6. Ending Wall Street’s dominance of the economy and preventing any future taxpayer-funded bailout. Break up Wall Street’s largest banks and put a cap their size. Link pay on the Street to long-term profits rather than short-term speculation. Subject all financial transactions to a one-tenth of one percent transactions tax.

7. Fully enforcing regulations that protect workers, consumers, small investors, and the environment. Raise penalties on corporations that violate them. Expand enforcement staffs. Provide more private rights of action.

8. Providing affordable health care to all Americans. The new health law isn’t enough. We’ll fight for a single payer – making Medicare available to all. End fee-for-service and create “accountable-care” organizations that focus on healthy outcomes.

9. Slowing and eventually reversing climate change. We’ll fight to limit carbon emissions. Impose a ceiling on emissions or a carbon tax on polluters. Return the revenues from these to the American people, in the form of tax cuts for the working middle class.

10. Getting big money out of politics. We’ll fight to appoint Supreme Court justices who will overrule Citizens United v. FEC. Require full disclosure of all contributions for or against any candidate. Provide full public financing for all presidential, gubernatorial, and legislative candidates in all general elections.