You thought I was being an extremist?

This is the Paul Stam's vision for North Carolina. Save zygotes, execute the women who dare to choose abortion.

An amendment facing voters in Mississippi would declare a fertilized human egg to be a legal person, effectively branding abortion and some birth control as murder.

There's nothing "effectively" or "branding" about this. The Tarheel Taliban judge abortion and morning-after birth control as a capital crime. Fry those murdering mothers. That'll show everybody who's in charge of this f/cked up state.




:::disgusted sigh:::
I hold in utter comtempt all, any and EVERY entity, person, group or political party that rejects reason and science and compromise and FORCES adherance to it's backward beliefs, ancient rituals, cruel rules and ignorant superstitions on those who do not share their fundamentalist views.

If the reasonable middle of the road, moderate voter doesn't wake up and say, ENOUGH to these people, and get their collective arses to the polls in May and November, neither they nor those they love will escape the negative consequences.