You seen this?

This seems like a pretty good way to use NAFTA.

Now this is what I am talking about...trans-national Solidarity. If the Corporations can move across borders at should Workers' Solidarity....



very very nice

That union, UE, is doing a ton of work in North Carolina right now. That I know of, they are involved with custodial staff at NC State, Plant workers at the chicken facilities in Smithfield (and I am sure elsewhere) and they are working with Bus Drivers for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

After November 8th we SHOULD have 2 tasks. #1 getting things moving for 08 so that we can keep the governors mansion, beat Dole and win the White House and #2 help these people gain the right to be human under North Carolina law.

"Keep the Faith"

I like your tasks

that's certainly how I'm thinking about it:

On the electoral side:

1. Encourage Dole not to even bother to run again.
2. Encourage either Perdue or Moore to go for that Senate seat.
3. Encourage Fred Smith and Bill Graham to rip each other to shreds in the primary so that one of them can win the right to lose to Perdue or Moore in November.
4. Elect 10 more progressives into the NC legislature.
5. Make sure Jim Black is NOT Speaker of the House, assuming he's lucky enough to win his seat again.
6. Mobilize North Carolina voters to help put a progressive leader in the White House.
7. Contest every Republican Congressional seat with a strong Democratic candidate.

Speaking of smithfield.....

This was over at Facing South the other day.

It seems that UE is not the only union going after Smithfield this year. I now that when I was here at school over the summer, one of the f=groups that came through was the Student/Farmworker Allience. (I am not sure if that is the exact name) Anyway, one of the things that they did while they were here was an informational picket at the local Ingles.

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edit:One thing that I have been thinking about is a repeal of the right to work law. Does anyone think that this might be a viable campign to launch?


The Great appear great because we are on our knees – Let Us Rise!
-- “Big Jim” Larkin

The Great appear great because we are on our knees – Let Us Rise!
-- “Big Jim” Larkin

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