You need to read this.

Ya'll ought to read this. Written by a waitress serving at the banquet. Like the GOP, many of Europe's leaders are preaching austerity, but the reality is they want austerity only for the poor and middle classes...working people. They accomplish this by harping about debt and the need to cut spending...and then focus on cutting the programs that serve the lesser among us, or the old or infirm, while themselves living lavishly (on our nickel) and funneling wads of money (subsidies, tax breaks, etc) to their corporate or ideological sponsors and raising taxes on the rest of us by increasing sales taxes on food and other of life's necessities. They say these taxes are fair beause everyone pays them equally. True to a point...but there's a great difference in increasing food taxes on a family that is barely getting by and how much of their income needs to go for food...and the wealthy where food is often a small portion of their total spending. Well, to the extent that champgne and filet and $5/lb asparagus and nice wines are icluded, I'm sure they spend more. But, you get the point. The truth is we're all getting screwed by the inequality of wealth here and abroad and that's the way they want it. Low wages, rising costs for health care and medicine, unfair taxes...all designed to keep us worried and subservient (can't lose my job even if it only pays $8/hr). Then they make it hard to vote them out (gerrymandering and voting restrictions) and they arrest us or pepper spray us when we protest. They kinda know what they're doing and that we're not happy. Gov McCrory just spent a wad of our tax money putting bullet resistant windows in the Governor's mansion. See, they know they're using lots of folks...talking about bedwetting liberal layabouts on foodstamps sucking us dry...but the truth is they're screwing us all except for their buddies. Ask the GOP-voting-Obama-is-a-liberal-monkey workers in one of our RED counties who got laid off last month only to find the schmucks they helped elect had shafted them out of their unemployment pay. We need to stop fighting among ourselves and face the common enemy. And yes, Obama isn't really helping us. If he was, the sub-prime bankers would already be in jail. Instead, the Federal Reserve is paying them for having screwed us. It's called "Quantitatve Easing" ..or in less gobbledy-gook terms, it's called give the banks $billions and pretend they're using that money to help folks on Main St. Not!