You have the right to remain silent ... now spread 'em

It used to be that Republicans were just these misguided people that pretended that they had tightly held beliefs; simply to hide the fact that they were simply interested in running interference for the very rich.

They courted the votes of the uneducated and the lottery hope-minded, to maintain the financial inequality in our system of government.

Now, however, it seems clear that as they found themselves with unchallenged majorities in the statehouses and in the House, they've opened up the floodgates of radical wish lists of the crazy fringe that heretofore has been kept at bay.

To rail against the president for purportedly stomping on religious liberty and then to support laws that would require unnecessary vaginal intrusion for no other reason than to shame and humiliate women that seek abortion, is the definition of hypocrisy; and they can no longer be seen as anything but bad actors in our government. This is evil. It would be evil if our side did it and it would be called out as such.

The time for being nice is over. This is the enemy in a war against our daughters, wives, sisters and mothers...and it should be viewed as such. The vote is our only weapon and we need to wield it with stark determination.


I'm with you, brother

All women and our good male colleagues should be in the streets as well as the polling booths. Tis outrageous. We've regressed 40 years!