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As you may know, we're on for a debate between Bev Perdue and Richard Moore this Monday night. We're going to focus our questions in four areas, which will depend on what community members are most interested in. Some questions were posted on the announcement thread, but we want more. We're looking for your toughest stuff, those hard questions that will help us get at the real and important differences between these two great candidates. Thanks.


Public Financing and Same Day Registration

1) I would like to know if they support the expansion of the public financing program to all council of state races and if they do, would they participate?

2) Do they support extending same day registration to allow registration and voting on election day?

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy

What's more important?

No weasel answers.

Fixing climate change or profits for big energy.

Health care for all kids and full-time workers or profits for insurance companies.

Getting our road repairs back on schedule or tax cuts for those making over $250,000.

Real science (evolution, climate change) or pseudoscience (not sure if climate change is real, evolution is "just" a theory).

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Mental Health

It's estimated that North Carolina is 50th in the nation in per capita mental health spending. At the end of your first term, where would you like NC to rank? What will you propose?

Is mental health as much a right as other health care? Why or why not?

Many private providers sprung up as a result of the NC mental health reform. Many public providers that turned private have collapsed, leaving no safety net other than hospitalization. Since private for-profit providers can't afford to provide necessary services due to low or delayed reimbursement, how will you recreate the safety net while continuing to create incentives for private providers?

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After the primary is over,

either you or your opponent will be the Democratic Nominee for Governor. If it is your opponent, how will you help unite the North Carolina Democratic Party?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Break oil monoply in US....

Since the 'big oil' companies have predicted our future of high energy prices, without any claim of responsibility on their part, I wondered if it would be feasible for the state to consider building a state-operated oil refinery, and buying the crude on the open market. Since the Feds have cooperated in letting the few oil companies merge down to a handful, they have realized that by not building any refineries in 24 years, they can keep the domestic price high, insuring huge profits. Other countries have nationalized their oil industries due to the inevitability of price gouging. Would this be a reasonable alternative, until other energy sources get online to take up some demands?

NE NC and the OLF

Moderators, I am sorry this is so long, but to many times when I ask elected officials about the OLF, I have to first educate them on it. So this is an educational as well as question thread. Because I do not fully understand the parameters agreed to by the participants, hacking this down is to be expected. I thank you in advance for the opportunity to ask these questions. My questions are in no particular order or priority. Parmea.

NE NC has been fighting the Navy on an OLF.

This OLF has touched or impacted about 16 counties or 16% of the state. That is a fair amount of impact.

This issue has many ramifications.

Some are:

the keeping or hurting the states reputation of "a military friendly state."

Preserving and protecting the future role of our other military bases from potential attacks from other states if we do not allow this OLF in our state.

Governor Easley, Lt. Gov Perdue, Rep. Butterfield, Senators Dole and Burr have all pretty much said the same thing. This OLF should have the support of the local people. All have said they would not support the Navy in forcing an OLF in our state.

This OLF identified a huge loophole in how our state allowed the Federal Government to acquire land in our state. Statute 104-7 was changed because of the grassroots request. This changing of the condemnation and eminent domain laws for exclusive jurisdiction by the federal government should have made it where the Navy or any federal government entity cannot condemn large tracts of land esp for the military without the consent of the State.

This fight has been about protecting the habitat of NC and the quality of life of North Carolinians. For eight years, the Navy has been trying to convince the State to allow them to place an OLF in a community.

This OLF has been about property rights, eminent domain, condemnation, fairness and equality.

This fight has had our current governor request the Navy not talk to potentially effected communities and counties on a proposed OLF.

Our current governor has given the perception that he does not care about the poorest counties in the State. He has allowed this fight to go on for to long.

Our current governor has also appeared to care more about the people of Virginia over the people of North Carolina.

This fight has also shown that to many politicians are interested in "how will this help me" vice doing what is proper for the State and the people. Many letters from the region have been sent to our representatives and yet the region is still being considered.

If this was a national defense issue, the president would have so declared and an OLF would be built in Washington County right now. This indicates that the statement of not required to support Oceana is substantiated. The only reason an OLF is needed to support Oceana is because of the mismanagement around Oceana and Fentress by the Navy and the Cities of Hampton Roads.

My questions are:

  • As governor, how will you encourage North Carolina politicians to join together to represent North Carolina and not one party?
  • Lt Gov Perdue, Will you encourage Governor Easley to ask the Navy to remove any community in North Carolina that does not wish to host this OLF? Camden and Gates County have stated they do not wish this. The local communities do not wish this.
  • As Lt. Governor, you told the Daily Advance that this OLF is not just for Governor Easley to work, but for many to speak up. Are you working with Senators Dole, Burr and Representatives Butterfield and Jones to create a unified partnership supporting the people of NE NC in opposition to this OLF where the communities have so indicated? How are you working the North Carolina GA in supporting the desires of the counties of NE NC and in particular Gates and Camden Counties?
  • Mr. Moore, what is your position on this OLF? If your stand is similar to Lt. Gov Perdue's are you doing similar things as I asked her?
  • For both, the Navy has not officially started this second NEPA process, but has already determined that Gates and Camden County are finalists. Will you encourage the GA, the Gov and our fed representatives to request the Navy remove these two sites and any potential site that has declared they do not wish this OLF? Is it appropriate that the Navy is reverse engineering a study to show that Gates and Camden County should be two of the 5 finalists for a NEPA study that has not been started?
  • Is it appropriate for the Navy to be in NE NC looking for an OLF site when the home base this facility will support has been determined by 2005 BRAC cannot perform the military mission and the mission should be abandoned?
  • The Navy performed such a poor job on the initial EIS that a Federal Circuit Judge required a Supplemental study. The Navy attempted to perform this study and has now decided to change the entire rationale after eight years of studying. Is it appropriate that the Navy can just restart this process especially with all the questions still unanswered concerning the old NEPA study?
  • As governor, would either of you have denied the citizens of the region to know they were being reviewed as a potential site to host this OLF? Would you have requested the Navy not discuss with the potential sites that they might become a site for further review?
  • Should North Carolina be required to host an OLF for the mismanagement of the cities of Hampton Roads that required 2005 BRAC to determine that Oceana is not the future of naval aviation?
  • Should the powers of condemnation and eminent domain be wielded by the government on our state and the same criteria and condemnation practices not be duplicated in Virginia for the same project; providing first-rate training facilities for East Coast carrier pilots?
  • Will you accept that the Federal Government is requiring our state to condemn 24,000+ acres of land for an OLF, but will not require the same or similar requirements of land acquisition in Virginia at Oceana, the master jet base this OLF will support (current record of decision by the Navy supporting this OLF process)? Will you accept that NE NC must condemn 2000 to 7500 to as much as 30,000 acres of land but Fentress does not have the same condemnation practices?
  • Do you feel it is appropriate for any community to have to fight the Federal Government for 30+ months when many of the senior politicians have the position that if a community does not have broad local support, this OLF would not be supported? Why should any community have to endure that when the State can say right now, "No thank you, the sites your wishing to have VETTED against this OLF?"
  • I feel that the method the Navy is utilizing against my State goes against the very sovereignty that the Constitution grants in a State. The Constitution also insists that when the federal government does need something, it does so fairly and uniformly across the several states. In this instance, the Navy (Executive Branch) has one standard for Virginia and has a different standard for North Carolina (land acquisitions strategy). As governor, how will you address and require the government to treat Us and other states equally especially regarding condemnation and eminent domain practices and still perform the military mission of training our pilots safely between the two states?
  • -----
    The canned response to most of my questions are "I understand were your coming from, but their is a process that must be followed. Until that process has proven it is not being followed, we cannot tell the Navy were they should place their OLF." And "I am monitoring this NEPA process and I understand your concerns." For eight years, NC has been working this process.

    pard'nme parmea

    I took the liberty of formatting your questions for ease of reading.

    Much thanks greg

    I do not know how to put the dots in like you did. Do you take it to another program to insert the dots and then bring it back?

    I hope I hit the new OLF fight with my questions.

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    relocating from Indianapolis, IN to RTP, NC soon; got any advice for me?

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    Garner, NC

    I wouldn't recommend drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me. -- Hunter S. Thompson

    NOT being a smart-ass.

    I think it would have been interesting to have an OLF-based forum. There are obviously a bunch of questions and things related to how these decisions were made. Maybe, more appropriately, "a military issues as they relate to NC forum."

    We end up with a lot of military retirees in North Carolina, how will the increase in mental health needs of these people be dealt with, for instance.

    One of the pitfalls of childhood is that one doesn't have to understand something to feel it. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

    Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

    An OLF based forum where our delagate would

    go to read and answer questions would be nice. Because two counties will be condemned to endure 30+ months of this OLF fight, maybe it would still be a good idea for the GA to formulate one. Much of this fight was educating the GA on just what was happening to NE NC.

    The fear of losing bases needs to be removed. If the community is supporting the military and the military mission is valid then the base is not going away. NC should do an honest appraisal of the military mission for each base and then prepare a list of potential base closures or places that are underutilized could possibly be ready to accept new/parrellel roles on the base in preparation for a future BRAC. Being ready to consolidate missions and being in that process is smart. Knowing what the missions are of your communities military bases is also smart. Knowing were that base stands in the big picture of the military is also smart.

    If the mission or the base is obsolete requiring abandoning, then abandon the mission and determine if the base can be utilized for something else. But to allow a facility to just be a drain on tax dollars is wrong.

    As far as military matters goes. I feel comfortable being a military retiree in the state. I feel that the government and the state are providing for me appropriately. However, I do not have many of the issues other military folks have and I do not know if the local docs can handle that unique situation.

    I do not see were Perquimans County or even NE NC cannot handle the mental stress that a war would place on a person. The mere concept of someone pointing a gun or having someone hunting you with the intent of destroying or maiming you is alien to the medical profession of my region. We would have to go to Virginia to get the assistance for that kind of stuff I'm figuring.

    While it is ok to go to VA to see a doc, the doc is a civilian based doc and not military. He is there for the probability of more patients. In NC, I would have to go to Jacksonville? or other sites near Goldsboro or the Triad for specialized military mental care. Is NC ready to help? Some could argue no. Does the government have a method of taking care of this problem. I think there is.

    A stronger discussion on this would be in order from other retirees and folks with medical discharges from the military.

    Also, I would be interested in hearing their opinions on

    community support. A lot of husbands and wives are overseas for 15 months at a time, community support is absolutely vital to keeping these marriages intact.

    One of the pitfalls of childhood is that one doesn't have to understand something to feel it. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

    Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

    The unit that is deployed

    developes this on their own. When I was in the Navy, it was only males on the ship, so the group was called the xxxx wives club.

    I think duplicating that on a government level would not work. Or would lose some of its charm. While it would be nice to have the backing or resources , usually the command will provide most of those resources.

    The command and the senior people in the command attempt to get all who will be left behind involved.

    I personally do not see were it is the responsibility of the community to perform or host this task. This should be the responsibility of the military and the home base of the unit deployed.

    I might have missed your thoughts on this.

    I think you are wrong.

    there are three facets that are necessary for a military family to stick together. A belief that the unit/officers are supporting them, a belief that they have strong community support, and a belief that they have support from their spouse/family. When they don't have all three of these the levels of divorce rise.

    The Air Force does a good job of developing community, I'm just not sure what the other branches do for families.

    One of the pitfalls of childhood is that one doesn't have to understand something to feel it. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

    Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

    My deepest concern now and for the future

    is about NC's public University system. I am convinced that the primary catalyst of NC's success and current leadership positions in business, industry, medicine and research are nearly wholly due to our most excellent affordable public Universities. I am also convinced that maintaining NC's leadership in those areas and expanding into other areas of leadership depends nearly wholly on continuing our commitment to an affordable excellent public University education.

    Do you agree? How will you keep costs at our best Universities (room/board/tuition/fees) within the grasp of kids from average NC families? What, in your view, defines "affordable" for the average NC family?

    "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." - Harry Truman

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    State Board of Education

    Only three members of the State Board of Education are directly elected by the people of North Carolina statewide: the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Lieutenant Governor and the State Treasurer.

    That's significant. The Superintendent is an obvious choice, given that role's responsibilities, though that officer serves as secretary and isn't a voting member. But the Lieutenant Governor's and the State Treasurer's membership on the board is just as important, because of their authority in shaping education policy through legislation and because education spending takes more than 53 percent of the state's annual budget (including pre-school and higher education).

    In your roles as Lieutenant Governor and State Treasurer, how important is it to attend these board meetings? More to the point, how often have you made it a priority to attend these meetings? What reasons do you consider sufficient to miss these meetings?

    Public Transportation

    Several different studies have been requested and commissions empaneled, and the results keep showing that we need to begin the work of constructing a light rail and bus network throughout the Triangle and the Triad.

    This is not just a liberal pet-project, it's an outright necessity for our state. Our population is growing at an astounding rate, as is our population of automobiles. A combination of rising gas prices, traffic congestion, and a rising public awareness of the impact of vehicle emissions on our health and the future of our planet, have served to convince a vast majority of our citizens that we need this network, and we need it now, not sometime in the distant future of science fiction.

    And yes, it will be expensive. Painfully so. But as NCPIRG explains in their executive summary, the economic benefits far outweigh the costs (there's also a pdf link to the entire report on the right side of the page):

    For every dollar invested in transit, America saves nearly two dollars in avoided costs on top of the economic development benefits. In 2005, federal, state and local governments spent $30.9 billion to provide transit services (not including fares). These investments yielded at least $60 billion per year in benefits from reduced vehicle expenses, avoided congestion, global warming emission reductions, reduced road expenditures, reduced spending on parking, and avoided traffic accidents. In other words, investment in transit more than pays for itself even before accounting for its direct economic stimulus.

    As governor, this should be somewhere in your top five list of priorities. What steps will you take to move this off of paper and into reality?

    Framing a question

    Questions should be short. Questions should be challenging. But what makes a question "tough" isn't necessarily the philosophical difficulty of a given issue. In fact,the more complex the question, the easier it is for a politician to dodge it.

    Sometimes what is interesting and revealing is not a question that necessarily looks "tough" but one that is sufficiently succinct that it is difficult to dodge, and yet provides insight into how the candidate thinks.

    Which brings me back to my question, which I thought was pretty good, pretty succinct and yet seems to be buried back on another thread (seemed like the place to ask at the time).

    My question might not strike a lot of people as "tough," but it's a question that I care deeply about and that I think would tell us something about the candidate, and it's one I've never seen asked.

    I guarantee you there are canned answers for a lot of the issues that have already been raised.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
    -Edmund Burke

    While I will not apprciate it

    I am expecting my questions to be ignored or dodged.

    Should Camden or Gates County have to endure 30 months of studying by the Navy for a facility they have already studied and said they would not support especially when the Navy has told NC that Oceana does not require a second OLF to perform the mission of training carrier pilots?

    So do you have a problem?

    Ask your question again. Just put it out there. Quitcher bitchin'. :) (The inane smiley face indicates that I don't want you to unload on me.)

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    Pointing at Naked Emperors

    Finding a question

    Earlier question from Brunette, framed: Open Government

    What specific actions will you take to challenge the good ole boy's system that permits powerful politicians, such as yourselves, to pressure state agencies to bend rules for favored constituents?

    Thank you Greg

    No, Linda, no problem. The reason I didn't ask it again was that I figured that it wasn't up to me to decide whether it were deemed a good question.

    There are LOTS of questions. I'd kind of like to see some that Perdue and Moore don't already have prepared answers for.

    Does anyone know, by the way, what means we have for determining whether Moore and Perdue are actually going to be the ones at their campaigns' respective keyboards?

    I'm just curious about that [Do I need to insert some kinda freakin' emoticon to indicate that this isn't supposed to be a bitchy tone -- or would the emoticon come across as sarcasm?]

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
    -Edmund Burke

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    Say the word

    Really -- whatever of the ones you listed you think most appropriate.

    I'll take it as the voice of this blog that my comments are generally considered to fall within the categories you've listed, and let that category be my sign off.

    There's no point in my posting if the consensus among the hosts here is that my opinions may, in any reasonable reading, reduced to the "emoticons" you've suggested.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
    -Edmund Burke

    Please don't stop posting here.

    I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't a problem and that your question didn't get missed.

    As for emoticons - in general I try to avoid them because I think there are enough words in English that we don't need to make up stupid symbols to signify meaning. I used it as a shortcut because I was being lazy.

    As far as knowing whether it's Bev and Richard actually at they keyboard on Monday, I guess we'll have to take it on faith.

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    Pointing at Naked Emperors


    I'd hate to see you stop posting because we butt heads sometimes. Greg was trying to bring some levity to the party, which I appreciated.

    Greg was joking

    he has a very dry wit and a wonderful sense of humor. I've had to use those damned emoticons and the minute I don't someone thinks I'm angry and not just joking. It's happened to others as well. I wish there were another way b/c I get tired of relying on them.

    Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

    Joe King? looks Itchy

    and embarrassed to scratch in public.

    Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

    Actually, I kinda like this one

    Finally, an emoticon I can relate to!

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
    -Edmund Burke

    Good morning, dear.

    Glad you're here.


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    Good morning to you, too, and thanks for that.

    We'll slog through this t'ing, eh? I like to think it will get better -- fast.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
    -Edmund Burke

    Code Blue

    My comment was triggered by this line:

    [Do I need to insert some kinda freakin' emoticon to indicate that this isn't supposed to be a bitchy tone -- or would the emoticon come across as sarcasm?]

    I imagined a Snow White surrounded by dwarfs "Bashful," "Doc," "Dopey," "Grumpy," "Happy," "Sleepy" and "Sneezy" or a modern Gulliver constrained by Lilliputian bloggers. Who knows why my mind acts the way it does. Perhaps because I've been immersed in the world of 4 year old princesses for the past 18 hours and was getting ready to assist in the coloring by numbers of Cinderella and Snow White or, perhaps because I grew up in the city of Jonathan Swift or, perhaps because I put emoticons on par with the Homeland Security Threat Level System.

    I could do a whole post deconstructing this and still have parts left over. In searching clumsily for a vein of humor I may have touched a nerve but, I don't know you well enough to insult you properly and you don't know me well enough to take offense so easily.

    For the record, I equate itchy with curiosity and I respect your comments, especially when I disagree with them.

    Thanks again

    I'm sorry I over-reacted, Greg.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
    -Edmund Burke

    State Employee Health Insurance, Pay Raises, & GAS

    I think that the hospitialization insurance is too high and it goes up too often. Why does the insurance increase every time the workers get a raise. Corrections in NC has one of the lowest pay scales and the starting and ending salaries are never reached by some employees. I would like to see the gaps in wages closed and maybe see insurance stop increeasing for a few years.
    I would like to see something done about the outrageous gas prices. The prices are never the same and the merchants are really gouging the prices. If they are caught, price gouging, they should be fined and closed down for 1 month. If it is continuous, they should be closed down. What do you think?

    Cathy repost please

    Probably best to re-post this in the "mop up" thread: Whew!