You can't fix stupid: Coronavirus "parties" taking place in NC


Hurry up and get sick so life will return to normal?

"We have heard from a lot of patients and the community that they're unafraid of getting the virus, so people are actually out and about trying to get the virus – attending gatherings, parties –just trying to maximize their chances of exposure," Yolanda Enrich, a nurse practitioner at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, told KOAT Action 7 News.

Enrich told the tv station that patients attend such parties with the purpose of developing immunity to COVID-19 so that they no longer have to take precautions against the virus during their daily routines.

Side-eye girl is concerned, and she's also more than a little pissed off that ignorant North Carolinians seem to continually attract the wrong kind of attention to our state. Okay, that second part is me, not her. But I'm sure she would agree. Here's what a highly-qualified medical professional (Mandy Cohen) has to say:

"There is no circumstance under which we want folks to actively pursue getting COVID-19 The reason we are working so hard collectively to keep the virus spread low is the fact that when there is more virus in our community, it not only impacts those who have it, but particularly those who are at high risk of getting severe reactions to the disease," Cohen said.

"So what we are hearing is young folks saying, 'I think I'm fine. I'm going to get COVID-19,' but they are out in their communities. They are spreading the virus further and then those who have more chronic diseases who are older, but still need to go to the grocery store or go to their health care setting or go to the pharmacy to pick up medicine – that means the virus is still out in the community and can impact those people."

Cohen added that "we are nowhere near herd immunity" and that a party would not be helpful to that end. She implores residents to continue following social distancing rules and not to attend such gatherings.

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Hang On, Mandy...

Okay, that was actually painful to watch. It would have been much better if he had just done the chorus over and over...

I teach biology...

and this is the kind of thing that my colleagues (especially the bio-med teachers) and I are always trying to counteract in our students. It's a superficial understanding of biology and immunology that leads these people to think that they can somehow beat the odds, get immunity, and then everything will be fine. Not only is it inherently selfish, in that it doesn't think at all about the effects on others (as Mandy rightly points out) but it also ignores the basic nature of the disease (and all diseases, for that matter) and the unpredictability of outcomes. These fools have no way to know whether or not they will be asymptomatic, mildly symptomatic, severely symptomatic, or a casualty. They're literally playing Russian roulette with SARS-CoV-2 and betting that they won't have a serious problem, which is a bad bet. Even given that the fatality rate seems to have settled in at about 2%, the severe disease rate is much higher and will lead at least some of them to costly hospitalizations and long periods of illness.
This is what happens when people confuse a superficial understanding of things for personal expertise and refuse to listen to the actual experts. They make stupid choices based on their misunderstandings and preconceived notions, when simply listening to those who actually know what's going on would give them a much better outcome. American anti-intellectualism at it's finest.