You Are Doing a Heck of a Job Rummy

Dole still not getting it:

She also expressed support for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who has come under fire from retired generals and others for the way he has waged what has become an increasingly unpopular war.

Though some mistakes have been made, Dole said, Rumsfeld has "done a very good job."

"He's a very capable person," she said.



If Dole actually believes she got an honest look at Iraq from her bulletproof chauffer-driven cook's tour of the green zone, she's duller than I thought. And given what her disastrous performance as a US Senator, it seems she wouldn't know "a very good job" from a hole in her head.

All I can think is how much it must suck to be a soldier over there having to put up with all the chickenhawk wingers who want to get their photos taken with the troops.

Rum shot

Rumsfeld may well be a "very capable person" but he's definitely not a very capable Secretary of Defense.

Excellent insights in the following article from New Yorker 4/10/06 by George Packer:
The Lesson of Tal Afar

Rumsfeld didn't have a counter-insurgency plan for Iraq because he refused to acknowledge that an insurgency existed. So US troops are making it up as they go along.

Maybe if New Bern had a Green Zone there might have been press coverage.

Green zone

Maybe if New Bern had a Green Zone there might have been press coverage.

Good one!

Dole vs Hayes

Dole has to be one of the most do-nothing senators ever. I bet her record compares favorably with that of Robin Hayes.