Yet again

When at first you don't succeed ... rebrand, and rebrand again. Since "Xe" didn't seem to work for them, Blackwater (I'm sorry, but they'll always be Blackwater to me) is at it again with a whole new image, a softer and gentler right wing militancy. This time it's "Academi."

According to the Washington Post,

When Blackwater began calling itself Xe in 2009, a spokesman for the firm said the name had no particular significance. On Monday, Wright said the name change this time had a more deliberate meaning.

Academi, pronounced “academy,” was chosen, he said, in part to evoke the ideas of a Platonic academy, where the ethos is of excellence, honor and discipline.

“That’s what we want our ethos to be in the future — trained thinkers and warriors,” he said.

Academi. Hmmm ... calls to mind the old adage of pigs and lipstick.



Thanks for the report on this. Seems like they're playing a shell game ... trying to hide the money trail.

If emulating Plato is their true goal,

they would do well to remember statements like this:

“Injustice causes civil war, hatred, and fighting, while justice brings friendship and a sense of common purpose”