Yessssss Master

Art Pope's ongoing palace coup has stirred up a firestorm of concern among those of us interested in keeping corporate money out of North Carolina elections, and I guess the Puppetmaster must be feeling the heat. Because today he sent his stage manager out into the Internets with more revisionist history, painting the Master as the source of all things good and honest. As usual, John Hood is right, and everybody else is wrong.

It should be obvious that the prevailing take on Tuesday’s balloting among capital city political circles makes no sense. It does not comport with Pope’s history of participating in bipartisan coalitions in the General Assembly and helping to form and fund cross-ideological coalitions in the public policy community. And it does not explain why Republicans with differing views on a variety of hot-button issues – abortion, immigration, school choice, and economic incentives, just to name a few – were in agreement that Richard Morgan and his faction had sabotaged their party’s prospects and the integrity of the legislative process in alliance with ethically challenged House Speaker Jim Black.

I guess when you shill for the Puppetmaster, you wear whatever colored glasses he tells you to wear and make up whatever version of truth you find convenient. We all know what they mean by 'cross-ideological coalitions.' That would refer to the broad and diverse group of people ranging from extreme right wing theocrats who hate government on one hand to extreme right wing free-market types who hate government on the other hand. A+ for diversity!

Despite John Hood's protestations to the contrary, Art Pope doesn't give a shit about North Carolina or good government. He cares only about personal power, and he's willing to flood our elections with corporate money to get it. That's all these jokers mean by free-market -- the right to buy elections.




It's amazing what having a bunch of corporate money can do in politics. You can buy elections, you can buy favors, you can buy your own Puppetshow and make all the boys dance to your tune.

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more on the puppetmaster's edjumacation strings

yo, anglico, the herald sun reports more today on the puppetmaster proposal coming out of unc:

the admin's have asked the puppet master to "delay" consideration of pulling one big string, the "honors foundation in western cultures," but they're still seeking around $4 million . . . it's nice to know what public education actually costs according to the folks running things at UNC-CH . . .

thank goodness some of the faculty are actually standing up. the best part of the article notes that one of the authors of the resolution challening the proposal said "he would be surprised if the honors advisory committee would be able to agree on a curriculum that both meets its academic standards and the 'political bias' of Art Pope, a UNC graduate and leader of the Pope Foundation."


Prostitution Ring

I'll do a whole new post about this later, but for now, the key thing to remember is that UNC Development -- as is true with many fundraising organizations -- will sell anything that isn't nailed down (and some things that are) to the highest bidder. In this Pope business, the administration basically blew off the faculty in hopes of doing a deal for $5 million. So since they've established their line of work, it's now just a question of price.

Just a bunch of high-priced hookers...

or is that over-priced hookers.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It's hard to keep the hookers

and the pimps and tricks straight anymore (no pun intended). But when the Puppetmaster involved, you can be sure he'll get his money's worth.

EEEEEwwww visual...oh my eyes!


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.