Yes, policies really do have impacts

DAG McCrony and the Tillisberger were hellbent on refusing the federal money for Medicaid expansion. These are our tax dollars, already paid, that now go to places with more enlightened governors, which even includes Ohio and New Jersey.

DAG McCrony and Tillisberger were warned repeatedly that this stupidity would have real repercussions in North Carolina -- not only for the 500,000 people who would be denied healthcare benefits (DAG McCrony and Tillisberger have demonstrated repeatedly that they don't care about them), but also for hospitals, many of which are corporations, and all of which provide jobs.

But they hate Obama so much that they ignored the warnings and doubled down on their stupidity and cruelty just to make some weird political statement and tell the folks back home how they're fighting against Obamacare.

And now the first pigeon has come home to roost: a surprising hospital closure in Bellhaven, directly attributable to DAG McCrony's and Tillisberger's stupid, cruel policy.

As DAG McCrony crows about new jobs to make guns in North Carolina, he is strangely silent about the loss of 100 jobs to provide healthcare in North Carolina.

It's kinda hard to miss the irony in that.