Yes, it can be done! (Sí, se puede!)

Think young Democrats can't make a difference, or can't win? Think again.

On Tuesday, two young Democrats surprised the political establishment in Winston-Salem:

[Derwin] Montgomery got more than twice as many votes as Johnson -- 530 votes to her 228. Social networking through Facebook and early voting, in large part by WSSU students concerned about crime and economic development, sealed the surprise victory...

In the Southeast Ward Democratic primary, Councilwoman Evelyn Terry got 160 votes, enough to make her the top vote-getter among the three candidates in her ward but not enough to seal her bid for a second term, which requires 40 percent of the votes. So she'll have to face James Taylor, who got 150 votes, in an Oct. 6 runoff.

Winston Salem Journal, September 16, 2008.

Derwin Montgomery is a senior at Winston-Salem State University who won through hard work and political savvy. Hopefully he'll take that work ethic to the Winston-Salem City Council (he has no opponent in November). Congrats to him for a great victory and for bringing out a lot of voters to do their civic duty. You can read more about his amazing victory at the Winston-Salem Journal.

(The Grassroots Farm Team does not endorse in partisan primaries, but if James Taylor wins his runoff on Oct. 6 we'd be happy to support him against his Republican opponent.)

The message from Winston-Salem is clear - young candidates who work hard can make a difference - and win. We need your help today to help our young candidates win in November: support the farm team today!

If you're timid about donating, we hope you know that one of our biggest goals is to empower small-dollar donors. We're expecting the vast majority of our contributions to be for $50 or less - unlike the PACs that peddle corporate influence. Even $25, $10, or $6 can make a difference. With your help, we're working hard to make sure that there's strength in numbers come November.

And if you still can't help out with your checkbook, but want to help put your boots on the ground, please keep in touch! You can reach us at @NCFarmTeam on twitter, on our Facebook Fan Page, or by e-mail at NCFarmTeam <:at:>

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we hope you'll join us to elect the next generation of Democratic leaders!


One last thing!

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Earlier this year...

When I became President of the Forsyth County Young Democrats, we were looking at a Winston-Salem City Council that was far older than our community is at present, and far grayer than any city that hopes to draw new businesses and investments should be in the information age. By the numbers, we had the oldest City Council of any major metropolitan area in the state.

By the end of this year, it will be the youngest. Congratulations Derwin and James!


sounding a little ageist there, Frank

I'd be careful that doesn't backfire on you.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I understand, but my city was walking off a cliff...

Age demographically speaking:

Had we been more successful in recruiting new businesses or retaining the graduating college students at our four major schools...
If the Democratic Party of Forsyth County had shown any interest in fostering the next generation of democrats so the party could survive the next ten years in this county...
If our leadership showed any recognition of the fact that the precinct organization system was outdated and that many of our officers were literally DYING without replacements...
If communications weren't our weakness...
If there were a single prominent self-identifying Democrat in this town who could hold a fundraiser...
If we didn't keep recycling our people and burning them out instead of searching farther afield for new blood...
If the republican party of Forsyth County hadn't been beating us at recruiting young talent...
If anybody else had been talking about doing something about any of these things...

...then I could have moderated my approach, which I believe has actually been pretty moderate. Trust me, I'm getting the same flak here. But I remind people of the fact that for this one year I'm president of the YOUNG democrats (I'll age out in January) and it is literally my job to speak out on these issues and assist our young candidates.

We are also administering Dan Besse's difficult re-election GOTV campaign and supporting our mayor and all the other democrats in the general election this fall.

But I'm proudest of our new elected leaders. It's a tough job they've sought to fill. They deserve a little extra encouragement at the starting line.

I understand, Frank

but that had nothing to do with actual age in years of your council reps. It had to do with other qualities they did or did not possess.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Great Guns in AVL

Thanks NC Farm Team for getting active and making things happen.

Early voting got started for Asheville City Council on Thursday. Election Day is Oct. 6th. Things are looking good. Lots of people are excited about the possibilities of affordable housing, sustainability measures, and multimodal transportation options.

Exciting times.

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