Yes, the Affordable Care Act is still in place

But Trump is making it more difficult to enroll:

You might not know it from the political rhetoric, but the Affordable Care Act is still the law. Every American is still legally required to carry health insurance or face a tax penalty of at least $695. There will still be plans available on the exchanges in every county, and the federal government will still provide the subsidies that help more than 9 million people afford their premiums.

But while much is the same, the actual sign-up process will look very different. The Trump administration has made an array of changes that, taken together, will make the process more rushed and more confusing, consumer advocates and insurance experts told STAT.

And you can bet your bottom dollar Trump and his GOP cronies in Congress will continue to chew on this like rats nibbling on an electric cable. Aside from radically shortening the window of opportunity for enrollment, they're shutting the site down nearly every Sunday during this year's period:

Not only is enrollment shorter this year, but the administration is planning to take offline between midnight and noon on five of the six Sundays during open enrollment.

Critics say the timing will make it that much harder for working families — who often make such purchasing decisions on the weekends — to sign up for coverage.

“That’s another hurdle we have to get over,” said Shelli D. Quenga, director of programs for the Palmetto Project, a South Carolina-based group that helps with enrollment. “Even the messages I’m getting now, for scheduled maintenance, none of these outages are for 12 hours. So they’re going to wait until open enrollment and then put the system down for 12 hours?”

It's not about maintenance, it's about pushing as many people out of the program as they can, while still having a half-ass excuse for their behavior. Standard operating procedure for the GOP, as we've seen here in NC multiple times over the last 6 years or so. The term "devious" falls way short of describing these charlatans.