Year in Open Thread

Many of us are looking ahead with a little bit of dread. We are worried about the financial crisis and what it will do to our personal finances. We're worried about our neighbors and friends losing their jobs and their homes. We're worried about our own jobs, our own homes. That's a lot of worrying.

It's tough to imagine ending such an unbelievably stellar political year with all this worry, so instead of dwelling on what lies ahead, let's think back on how we got here.

What was your favorite moment, hour, day, event of the year? If you can't pick just one, share your favorite family moment, work day or political event. Heck, you can even share your favorite BlueNC post or conversation.

Share away.



My favorite political moment

was sitting in a restaurant surrounded by Republicans and screaming with sheer joy when Kay Hagan's picture flashed on the screen and Fox News called the race for Kay.

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My wife and inlaws are Republicans

So I know how if feels to be surrounded by them and since the election politics have not been discussed. However, my moment though happened in the primary. I was born in Gastonia but moved to Greenville NC as a young teenager. This year I worked on the campaign of Steve Ivester who ran for the U.S. House. Steve asked me since I am a native of Gaston County to address the Gaston County party on his behalf. I was introduced by Sen David Hoyle who was once a co-woker of my father and his father was worked with my Grandfather. I was also intoduced by Sheriff Cloniger who although I did not know gave me a good into. My oldest son was with me also. To be able to speak in the place of birth, where I have not lived in nearly 30 years was great, I have made many political speeches in front of several groups in my life but this one will always be one to remember.


I'm really struggling with this one, y'all.


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Sitting in that restaurant

That's the moment I had in mind when I your post for the first time. It was so much fun making spectacles of ourselves!! And I've never seen such long-faced Republicans. They definitely were NOT having fun.

Sweet Union Dem

2008 in Fav's

Fav Moment - December 4. Grandchild #2 born (Kaylee Erika)

Fav Political Moment - October 27. Liddy Dole releases incredible AND stupid "Godless" ad to challenge Kay Hagan on her faith. Yes, the Kay Hagan that has been a Sunday School teacher and an elder at her church. I knew right then for sure it was over for Liddy and North Carolina would be represented by a North Carolinian once again in the US Senate.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

My favorite political moment of 08

My fav. political moment of 08 was when NC was finally called for Obama. Having grown up in NC, returned to NC this year from living on the West Coast, and volunteering for Obama==that moment we turned blue meant everything to me symbolically and emotionally.

Favorite political moment of 08

Yeah, this one is easy. For me it was coming down the elevator at the Marriott election night and hearing this roar starting and then filling the entire hotel. It was a great, great sound. The elevator doors opened and we were swept up in an incredible celebration. The lobby was filled with blacks and whites all shouting and cheering together with a SHARED enthusiasm such as I've never before experienced.

It's Bittersweet now.

But, running a very, very successful phone bank for the John Edwards for President campaign the night before the Iowa caucus. The energy was so positive and emotions were running so high.

I actually had to check to make sure that happened in 2008, seems like a million years ago.

Another great moment was telling my 7-year old son the morning after the election that Obama had won and watching him stand on his chair at the breakfast table and pump his arms in victory.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

This wasn't 2008

But meeting so many BlueNC friends at the Edwards Rally in Dec. 06 was a great day.

My favorite political moment

Do I have to choose just one? :)

I loved the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner: being able to hear and see so many candidates, especially Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. One of my favorite memories of all time, actually.

May 6, spending the entire day at our precinct polling place, meeting face to face people I'd talked to on the phone, Democrats of every race and age, who had so much optimism and enthusiasm it almost didn't matter who won. (Almost.)

A warm Sunday in October, in Fayetteville, waiting to be let into the crown coliseum to hear Obama speak again, and finding out that there were too many people there -- I was part of the crowd that the fire marshall turned away. But I was in the front of the crowd that watched outside as a makeshift podium and portable mic stand was put out, watched Secret Service come out and stand unobtrusively on either side. And I watched as Barack Obama came out to greet the crowd who couldn't make it inside.

That's what makes him different. My hope for the future is that he continues to greet "the crowd who couldn't make it inside" for the duration of his term(s) as president. That's what makes him one of the great ones.

hogging the thread now

and there's no excuse for it.

Election night, Nov. 4, 2008. Watching the returns at home, and getting text messages from my son who was at a "watch party" at school (Guilford). He's never been so animated or excited - and he continued texting as he and other college students took to the streets of Greensboro in joy when Obama was declared a winner. What a great night.

Michelle is in the House

As y'all know, I had some great moments at the convention. But the story I keep telling is from another event...

I was at an Obama fundraiser in Durham where Michelle Obama was the featured guest. There was a VIP event before the main one. Through some fundraising and some guile, I had managed to make it in with the $10,000 donors. (The few big $ people who knew me were certainly wondering how I got in.)

While everyone was drinking wine and talking, Michelle quietly slipped in through a back door. At least she was as quiet as she could be with several aides and secret service in tow. I could see her across the room, but it was as if no one else had even noticed her. I remember wondering when someone would start clapping for her.

She walked over to the photo-op area, and still no one was paying her any attention. Finally, she waved both arms over her head and said (loudly), "Hey! I'm over here!"

Finally, everyone turned around and clapped.

When I got to talk to her, she asked me "How do you feel the campaign is going?" It was the perfect question. Not small talk, something anyone could answer, and something she was sincerely interested in hearing.

There were several other moments that night that showed me how down to earth the Obamas are. When I finally meet the President, I know exactly what I'm going to say to him... "I met your wife one time, and she was really great."

taking a new voter to the polls

Mine happened on the Sunday during early voting. I was giving rides from a group home for guys just coming off the streets. One of the guys proudly announced that this was the first time he had ever voted, he looked to be in his mid 40's. After waiting in line for 2 hours he came out of the voting area and had to show everyone his "I Voted" sticker.

This was one of those I do this because I know I am right moments.

Mine had to be the days I spent

canvassing just before the Nov. elections, the Obama supporters I met doing that, and watching the election results with a lot of them on November 4, 2008.

Then it got even better ... celebratory texts and phone calls came in from the kids. They were both uncharacteristically overly excited. It was awesome. Totally completely awesome. :-D

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Hard call

Listing the moments:

Election Day was very bittersweet. When the thing was called for Obama I was happy for 5 minutes, then back to the pins and needles, before the narrow loss in the race I was most involved with. However, hats off to the Gaston County Democratic Party for throwing a great E-Day party.

Seeing Davidson come from 17 points down to beat Georgetown at the RBC Center on Easter Sunday would be up there, and the Electoral College meeting and the Biden nominating speech are very special to me.

In retrospect, witnessing an Obama victory at a precinct caucus in Des Moines was amazing.

The straight ticket Republican voters who told me they were voting for my state house candidate because of his faith and Hagan because of the Dole ad surprised me until I found out they weren't the only ones.

BlueNC'er P.H.G. winning the DNC election at the State Convention.

Spending all day on the phone after Biden was picked for the V.P. slot.

Visiting so many great places in NC while working for the Neal campaign.

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Ohio, then later

Top: Election night, Winston-Salem, Millenium Center downtown, big ballroom packed with hyper Democrats (most of whom had worked on the election all day and many of whom were operating in a sleep-deprived state). Early state calls had all been the predictable deep-red, deep-blue set. Suddenly, the gigantic projection screen running CNN coverage dissolves into the breaking-news configuration and the loud room goes hushed for a breathless moment--then the outline of Ohio appears with the big blue Obama check and the crowd goes roaring crazy. All the "kids" (mostly twentysomethings on the Obama campaign team) crowded around the screen, and many of the rest of us, knew what that meant. Call in the dogs, put out the fire, this hunt was over. Later state calls were fun, as were the concession and victory speeches, but that Ohio moment combination of nervousness, anticipation, and celebration was when we knew that it was happening.

Third and second best moments: Same night later on, same room, working a friend's laptop to determine that the three non-reporting counties in North Carolina were all probable strong majority Obama counties, and despite the narrow McCain lead in counted votes, Obama should win our state, and reporting that to my friends in the room.
Finally, same night, about 2:30 a.m. at my desktop computer in my home office, when the final counties come in and prove my prediction right--NC had gone for Obama & I got to send out a graveyard shift email announcing the same. (Caption--"YEE-HAH! The last reporting counties bring it home!")

Dan Besse

Dan--Next Time

Maybe you can email me when you get the "inside scoop." I spent many hours in anguish waiting for a semi-offical word that NC had gone blue!!!! Later I found out Obama's top people knew before midnight. Some of the rest of us had to suffer!!! It was painful!!!

Happy to

just send me your email to & I'll add you to my local political email list.

Dan Besse

my favorite recent moment...

...when the snow shovel actually hits dirt.

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Four Generations

This wasn't a moment, but it was proud. Four generations of Millers voted for was the first vote for my grandson (he actually voted in the primary too, but don't want to get too technical) and probably the last one for my mother who is 94. That was a PROUD time and we WON!! My daughter and my niece are going to the inauguration. Time to defer to the younger generation...mainly because I don't like air mattresses or massive crowds.

ps....and Larry won


I guess it was when my

I guess it was when my father-in-law told me from his hospital bed back in October who he planned on voting for in the Presidential race. Followed by his statement a couple of weeks later that, "I've convinced the biggest racist in the county to vote for Obama."

I'm a moderate Democrat.

2008 my favorite year in all my 21 years.

My favorite moments in no particular order.

1. Meeting and shaking the hand of former President Bill Clinton in my hometown of Hillsborough.

2. Meeting and shaking the hand of now President-Elect Barack Obama.

3. The fun times I had campaigning for the Dellinger for Lt. Governor Campaign.

4. Campaiging for Jim Neal.

5. Sitting in Bandidos in Hillsborough as Kay Hagan was announced the winner of the senate race and Bev Perdue was announced as the winner of the gubenatorial race.

6. Sitting at home later that week as NC was officialy called for Obama.

7. Recieving the Orange County Democratic Volunteers Yes We Did button.

Here's to hoping that 2009 is even better if that is even possible

An incredibly eventful year

But I think the Blogger Bash was probably my greatest experience, and sharing that with my son Steven and his girlfriend Nicole made it all that more special. Candidates, bloggers, and candidatebloggers, and of course the Frank & Sam Show:

Politics can be fun. :)

Alright Steve,

did you photoshop that picture?

That was definitely a highlight for me too.

No, Sam really is a giant

and Frank really is .... um.... not!

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When Sam became a Democrat, he said,

"I thought this was supposed to be a 'Big Tent'?"

"Hello, it's a metaphor signifying inclusiveness, not a dimensional observation."

"False advertising. You people should be ashamed of yourselves."

"Watch it! That's a genuine Tiffany lamp on that antique end table down there. Look, just stay right where you are, and I'll bring you a caffeine-free Coke."

"And some of those truffles, too. Is that caviar?"

"Whatever you want! Just don't move."

:) Heh heh

Sam is the man.

Can someone send all of the pictures from that event?

I like that camera angle better than the web cam angle ...

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

That one isn't one of mine

I don't mind sending mine, though. I'll put it on my humongous list of things to do.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Tell Senator-Elect Hagan to Protect Medicare and Medicare Choice

Members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices, who reside in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, are united in supporting high quality health plan choices in Medicare. The Coalition opposes funding cuts that would reduce Medicare Advantage benefits and raise out-of pocket costs for the 10 million people covered by Medicare Advantage health plans. Almost one quarter of all Medicare beneficiaries are on a Medicare Advantage plan.

The Coalition believes that seniors and disabled persons covered by Medicare deserve access to the same affordable choices and quality health care as the rest of America. The CMC works with its members to:

• Increase access to quality health care for people with Medicare,
• Lower health care costs for patients
• Push for more health plan choices for every person with Medicare

As Senator-Elect Hagan takes office next week, I hope she will do all that she can to protect Medicare and Medicare choice for those who want that option.